Did VICE recycle the old "Thump" twitter account to have a readymade audience for their new horoscope site?


Do any of you find yourself mysteriously following AstroGuide on Twitter? Seems like a really desperate tactic to me.


maybe you’re just cranky because mercury is in retrograde


ok tbh, and im a bisexual transfem person so pls dont take this the wrong way but,

yeah the fuckin “western estroticism as feminist and queer liberation” trend is nearing the end. pack it up, when vice is having a whole fuckin yuppie ass sideblog to it u know its almost dead.

im back on my fucking proangelwings bullshit


i suppose the real question is why follow Thump to begin with?



To be fair: the Noisey mix series has been really great these last few months. Some real great out-there mixes combined with great airbrush art.

The revival of astrology is a whole other level of bullshit tho


im so glad august is my long time phriend <3