Demdike Stare // Passion (Modern Love)


New double pack from the good Demdike boys. I’ve been listening to “At It Again” for a week straight it’s so hard. How do you all feel about it?


love the surprising little melodic break in “Caps Have Gone” and the beautifully warped ambiance of “Dilation”. sometimes their work feels a little slapdash, which is great if you’re content with (recently) noisy hardcore homage but, knowing they have quite a bit of talent between them, it would be great if they (to quote my second grade teacher) “really applied themselves” to create something timeless and a little less informed by scene-tourism


and what’s with that cover, anyway?


dunno how i feel about the artwork but im liking the first song I’ve heard. Demdike is a band ive been avoiding for a long time for some reason bc i thought they made stale techno. Taking some time to get into them now


Whoa! How the hell did this one sneak past me? Listening now…


There’s some stellar tracks on this but on the whole it doesn’t feel like an album but rather a few good tracks with some ambient interludes between them. They’re making some strange artwork choices with the last two albums as well.


I rate it. Kind of agree with the “wish they would really apply themselves” comment. Think they have had some amazing tracks since they became a bit more club focussed, and have seen them play some head melting DJ sets, but the records: I usually spin them for a while and don’t go back. Could probably build a killer playlist though. Will still check out everything they drop.


I’m in love with At it Again! :heart_eyes:


These guys are operating at such a deep level, serious work acrosss the whole spectrum here. The way it just ‘appeared’ on boomkat with no trickle is the way, just here it is, with complete disregard for anything other than delivering the rhythms.

Lynchpins, the pair of them, these wonderful bastards.


This one really kicks, and I’m getting more out of it than I did Wonderland. Still, I really miss the creeping dread of their earlier releases; that’s what hooked me on Demdike Stare, and I think that’s where they truly excel.


i’m enjoying the standout tracks along with the more moody transitions and it’s been lifting my workday mood a lot. thanks for the heads up, I had no idea this was out