Dean Blunt // Soul on Fire (self-released)


the best thing Dean has done in yonks. 15 mins, concise, all killer. like a lot of the best parts of “black metal” boiled down to a gloopy stock, he’s got such a good ear for loops.

the youtube blurb says “black metal 2” is coming out soon. this has me hyped for it.


yeah man, this is proper. bm2 is gonna be :fire:


who? can anybody shed some light on who dean blunt is?


always thought Dean Blunt was kind of a troll and massively overrated :frowning:


@criminiminal i think he makes some of the most honest music around. like Aphex is a troll but he still makes meaningful music.



Yeah I think the trolling is aggressively open and pointed at his live shows/exhibitions in particular. His work is it’s own little world, and the trolling is part and parcel of it… totally absurd at times, deadly dark and serious others, completely miserable v often, and packed with micro-references everywhere, from London-centric shout outs to random rap lyrics to wrestling jargon.

He’s also hit or miss even if you do like him - like, I just can’t get along with “The Redeemer” at all, and that seems to be unanimously considered his masterpiece…


yeah, yet there’s also a warmth at times… Molly & Aquafina is one of my favourites. It’s absurd, but also tragic. I find myself sympathising with this weird narcissistic anti-hero. Then you find he straight jacked the lyrics from a French Montana tune, haha


I really like Dean Blunt but I can agree with this statement.


the appeal of Dean Blunt is so hard to describe if you’re not picking it up naturally so i don’t bother anymore. It’s just a real strong vibe and he’s got it. He’s got a great ear for samples and seemingly effortless delivery but the attitude is there. Anyway lovin this EP it’s refreshing after being underwhelmed by his stuff with that fool A$AP Rocky.


dean love or hate him is the most unique person in music or even art for that matter in my opinion. theres something so uncanny about what he does that i cant think of a single thing to give comparison by

ive always felt weird about his ‘trolling’. the good of it i see enforces the ethos of his music being independent of the mere ideas of ‘meaningful’ or non, which attributes to his aura significantly. on the other hand, hearing how zenned he seems in interviews and talking like he doesn’t even know what trap is in 2017 (???) (apologies but i dont remember which i heard this from, but it was a radio feature, a soundcloud upload i think) there are times i can feel him sucking his own dick. nonetheless yeah hes one my favs of all time

im enjoying this thus far tho, much more than bookey. the structure and lengths of his songs are becoming more and more unpredictable/difficult to ascribe to, but im assuredly feeling a lot from it. definitely feels like a sincere progression of black metal stuff

also @anxietypills i totally agree about that asap stuff. however those two linked up and really got on is beyond me (im a sucker for early asap stuff tho)


Dean Blunt to me is like a weird British version of the rapper Father

…a Babyfather if you will.


the interview i was referencing