Dean Blunt is cool and I wanna find more stuff he made


I like some of the stuff this guy makes, but not all of it

This one was good

This one too

This ones alright

I enjoy watching this video every 6 months or so, it reminds me of friends who have lost it and came back, and how sweet it is to have friends that help you come back when you lose it. It touches my heart.

What kinda Dean Blunt stuff do you listen to?



Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson - Wahalla THIS ONE IS GREAT, definitely worth a look.

Solo - Black Metal, The Redeemer, The Narcissist II are the best 3. Black Metal is the most accessible entry point imo. Redeemer is a similar aesthetic and was the one I got most heavily into. Narcissist II is a lot more of a fuzzy lo-fi production aesthetic. Roaches (rarities comp), Stone Island (free project around the time of Redeemer I think), the various Babyfather projects all have great bits but are less consistent. I did like Stone Island a lot.

Black Metal


Narcissist II

Stone Island - Three, Five, and Eight are my favourites.

Babyfather (Dean Blunt)

Babyfather BBF
Hells Angles is also amazing but couldn’t find it on YT.

Babyfather 419

Roaches (a few from this one cause it’s huge)

Hype Williams I don’t know as well but always liked Jesus To A Child Reprise

Joanne Robertson - High Noon. Dunno if there’s any Dean Blunt in this one but it’s a great little track.


thank you (post must be


some other stuff he’s done/been involved in:

(unclear what he did as part of this group)

(cool solo project with a ton of features, this is my favorite song off it)

(my personal favorite hype williams project)

(video directed by dean)

(lauryn hill sampling done by dean, he has a few production credits throughout this album)

(also produced by dean)
(collab with Gaika, there are easier ways to listen to this but i enjoy the novelty of a website containing only a web-player)

I would also recommend listening to the stuff put out by the label he (presumably) runs: World Music.

Bar italia is a personal favorite of mine.

str_apx got pretty much all the essential solo material down. Black metal 2 also just came out, so I’d give that a listen as well. You seem into the babyfather stuff so i’d also recommend you listen to 419


Whats your favorite of all of this?


Fave track or project?

Project it’s v hard to say. Any of the 3 solo albums proper are great in different ways. Soft spot for Redeemer as it’s the one I listened to first, soft spot for Black Metal as it’s the one I listened to most, soft spot for Narcissist because I like the kind of calm eerie blunted atmosphere (although the transitions really stop it from being a calm listen in any way). Roaches is good because there are quite a few real gems, some of my favourite tracks of his, but it is so big that the wheat:chaff ratio (for me personally) is relatively low compared to the albums. So not the best to delve into. Haven’t actually heard Black Metal 2 yet so will have to get on that!

Track-wise it’s probably Lit Freestyle or Had My Guard Up 2 You (Since '92), (God Hour or Hells Angles would be up there but you already posted the BBF album).


Dean Blunt used to play bass in this band, Graffiti island. Cool shit not that known of.


Cover is incredible, music too! Thanks


13:00 is nice n spooky :ghost:



great track. I love her work with Double Virgo as Bar Italia as well