Who's using it? What do we think? Let's share :)


Hey guys!

Recently got hooked up with this service called, it’s currently in alpha mode but I’m really enjoying using it. Basically it’s like onlyfans but for club deejays- people subscribe to you for a small monthly fee and in return you curate playlists for them which have some kind of personalized and artisanal angle.

Having lost a load of money to COVID cancellations, I’m finding it a real life saving way to make a bit of extra money right now from my musical interest. Just thought I’d post to let people know, see if anyone else is using it and what they think, and so we can all share our profiles and mutually subscribe :slight_smile:

Here’s me:

I’ve been using it as a way to publicly get very conceptual and historical about the music I like to play in the club. So far I have 3 playlists up and running, they are;

Dub Club: Here I chronicle the influence of Baltimore, Jersey & Philly Club on Irish music and search out cultural contact and crossovers !

Nua Éire: This is a regularly updated playlist of new Irish music, both club stuff, live stuff and more home listening. It’s a really nice mix, and a good way to keep on top of underground Irish releases which may not make it to mainstream publications- especially stuff from outside our capital city, Dublin.

Chicago Connection: With this playlist I’m making a musico-historical argument about the clear connections between Chicago Hard House music and Dutch and Belgian Jumpstyle. I also keep it updated with an eye towards the long term influence of Chicago Hard House on new releases.

Anyway I hope some of this might be interesting to you guys, and that some of you might already/start using!

:v:️ hope you are all safe and in good health :v: