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The Trash Men (Bukowski)

here they come
these guys
grey truck
radio playing

they are in a hurry

it’s quite exciting:
shirt open
bellies hanging out

they run out the trash bins
roll them out to the fork lift
and then the truck grinds it upward
with far too much sound . . .

they had to fill out application forms
to get these jobs
they are paying for homes and
drive late model cars

they get drunk on Saturday night

now in the Los Angeles sunshine
they run back and forth with their trash bins

all that trash goes somewhere

and they shout to each other

then they are all up in the truck
driving west toward the sea

none of them know
that I am alive


Adolf Wölfli - Cathedrals




did you find that fish down on the pier there


yup one of these dude caught it and brought it over to the kitchen and they fried it up for me.

on the carribean coast of colombia celebrating my bday. its a whole mood.




lol good one :stuck_out_tongue:
home win.
5th. in the east :grimacing:






every voice i hear sounds so familiar




Shitting it. Absolutely shitting it. Nervous and anxious.

Come on, Tottenham!


Glossolalia / Xenoglossia



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