Cristoph De Babalon // JEROME Mixfile #300 // 08/05/18


fireeee mix from the junglist man himself

if you haven’t check out his album


Nice one! Not heard this mix but the album is a screamer. There’s such a fine line between something like this and a lot of the more corny-sounding “darkside” (think that’s the term? ) stuff. Something about the roughness of the production as opposed to the rigidness of other dnb makes it sound real. Would love to hear more like this and the Demdike Stare testpressing series.


Excellent, will have a listen to this, thanks!

I vaguely remember downloading the album on soulseek an eon ago but the re-issue seems far more vital and has been in heavier rotation. I think at the time my younger self just didn’t appreciate how bleak and damaged sounding the album is, it’s very in tune for the state of the world in 2018.


!!! VERY MUCH APPRECIATE the reminder of this one. Still haven’t clocked the album.