Coronavirus is cancelling everything


I knew shit was getting real when SXSW and Ultra Music Festival got cancelled. Those are events that generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Really gnarly – when will it end?


Yeah it’s getting pretty intense now. Funny how most people thought it was going to stay in East Asia not really thinking about how it could affect us, at least in the U.S.

I have tickets to go to an Amelie Lens set next weekend but sort of hoping that they cancel or issue refunds if you don’t feel comfortable enough going.


We’ll see probably a few of the early spring festivals cancelling too. It’ll be a real blow to the music economy, from the top to bottom.


The effect this is going to have on anyone within a creative field is going to be monumental I believe, there is not going to be enough money to sustain a lot of the bigger names in the industry though I’m hoping that at the very least it could do something to revitalize underground and more niche nightlife and entertainment (Like how Thatcher proved to be brilliant inspiration for music in the UK around her time as PM).
All in all though as a very small, independent promoter I’m very wary of how this is going to play out especially with putting money down on future events that could well be cancelled.
It’s going to be a very difficult year guys…