Contemporary Classical + Experimental Thread


For contemporary classical / minimalist / drone / ambient / experimental releases that get you feeling patient.

I’m really feeling the new Sarah Davachi album:


inspired by the wonderful davachi, though clearly not in the same league



Feeling the ghost-y acoustics.





I’ve found a lot of really great artists in this lane lately so here’s a few options.

Kali’s new record is beautiful and patient in the best way

Kelly is in incredible pianist if you haven’t heard. Worked with Oneohtrix on his live tour this past year.

And Finally John Bence. The mood he gets in this project is incredible. I can’t get over the bike wheel sound he has in the climax (Said the album was all Cello, voice, and homemade percussion).

Anyways, enjoy.


the clips i’ve heard of this sound really fabulous


Extremely hyped for a new Winged Victory for the Sullen LP.