Complete Walkthru // Scrolls (Numbers)


god damn what in the hell is this awesome ass shit


super stoked

NYC is a track


didn’t this guy rise from the 1080p label? i miss the output from them…

these 2 tracks are goood


yeeeaahhhiight…feels like something mnesia scannr 4 the haus set


lets talk about it tho…what hooks u guys?


much in the same way that Boards of Canada used the artifacts of late 70s and early 80s culture to explore and present their wonderfully haunted vision of a future that never quite arrived (or a past that never existed to begin with), so too have some of these newer artists like George Clanton and Walkthru (and maybe Ferraro a decade ago) succeeded in achieving a similar effect, instead with the discarded detritus of 90s culture. the product itself obviously sounds nothing like anything that would have ever come out of that era but the nostalgia it produces for it is still quite potent. sometimes it’s very hard for me to detach the music from the visual component of the packaging, especially when its been done very well (see above references) and therefore it’s difficult to actually locate the root of the nostalgia it stirs inside you. which i guess is precisely the point.


It took this long for Numbers to finally release an album huh…

Interesting stuff.