Coffee shop Sound System For DJ and Live Bands


Hello everybody,
I’m working on a coffee shop that doubles as a music venue space. The place will have three types of music playing depending on the occasion: Live bands, a DJ, or the regular coffee shop ambient.

I’m familiar with audio equipment in general, but I’m not sure where to start with this. Like do I need a different setup for each, or can I get something that works with all?

I obviously did few google searches, but I’m coming here to see if anyone has first hand experience or any tips.


depending on the size of the space, I bet you could get away with 1) a decent mixer and 2) a pair of 15" powered PA speakers (JBL, Mackie, EV, etc.) and call it a day. I know a lot of folks are using iPad apps like this to run their live sound these days but I don’t know enough about them to give you a recommendation. the more “stuff” you have (CD-Js, mixer, microphones, cables, adapters, whatever), the better reputation you’ll have, and therefore the more performers you’ll attract…no one likes schlepping their gear to a gig so the better prepared you are to accommodate them, so to speak, the better off you’ll be in the long run.


We’re looking for a space that hosts around 50 people and so far money is not an issue (of course as long as we re not paying for ‘gold plated wires’) . JBL does seem like a good option.

Other than a pair of speakers, would we need extra ‘booth’ speakers?


up to you. in my experience playing small rooms, either in a band or behind decks, I’ve never felt like I benefited all that much from monitors. it’s a nice touch but maybe overkill?


hey there
i think you’d really do justice to the spot by adding a sub or two to the sound system - especially if you plan to have djs/electronic acts.

If money isn’t a worry I’d say get:
2 x JBL VRX932LAP 12” speakers
2 x JBL VRX918SP 18” subs

You can either fly the tops or they have pole attachments that you can get to stand them up on the subs.

and for FOH I strongly recommend the behringer X32 - it’s pretty great for everything it does at the price



oh and you could prob get away with using a pair of 5-8” studio monitors as booth monitors for djs

if you wanna stick with JBL - I’d recommend the LSR308s