Clubs and places in Berlin


Yo, I could potentially be heading to Berlin (from the UK) in the next few months for a 2 month chill the fuck out and make/listen to music holiday.

Anyone here know any nice clubs for music? Thinking, tech, break beat and the obscure. Also the places that I should go to regardless of my own taste?

Shoot away, tell where you’ve been and why you liked it.

Also the areas of Berlin for meeting people who fuck with music heavily?


this thread will get you started


For partying Grießmühle used to be the best place to go, at least imo, but they got kicked out of their spaces. The shows have been moved to Alte Münze, which is a pretty acceptable substitute.
Obviously Berghain, about blank, etc is great as well. If you like to get a bit more wild, KitKat is very fun, but they have a dresscode, so you’d need some fetishy/latex/leather kinda outfits.
I also really love the Sameheads, its a bar with a small dancefloor in the basement, very cool people there usually. Not open every weekend, so check the website for events.
For more hard tech kinda stuff, I can recommend the SYNOID party series and Hellectro.
Generally its a good idea to check residentadvisor or facebook events to see whats going on on the weekend.

You should also definitely check out Spacehall and Staalplaat, which are the most fun record stores in the city. Spacehall has absolutely everything you could ever want, and I regularly spend hours browsing for new tunes there, and Staalplaat has a lot of very experimental stuff, some real hidden gems there.

Youre also very welcome to hit me up if you’re here, me and my friends are usually out pretty much every weekend, if you’d like to tag along :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! And thank you for the offer man it’s appreciated : ) I’ll deffo give you a message when I get there


This place looks amazing! Love a small bar with weird programming. Added this to my list for next time.