Clarence Clarity // THINK: PEACE (Deluxe Pain)


Released October 4th 2018.

Strange and engaging album mixing elements from glitch pop, R&B, electro pop, synth funk, and more. I listened to the whole album 6/7 times in the last two days and still I can’t get what matter it is made of. Disorienting and surprising at every listen, feels like taking a walk on an origami…

One of the best albums of 2018 I’d say !


strong 90’s r’n’b/boyband vibes on the vocals over fairly garish post-EDM/trap compositions. lacking some subtlety/dynamics/earworm potential but it’s a nice try!


Speaking as someone who loved the fuck out of No Now and was anxiously waiting for this thing to drop, I cant help but feel a little disappointed.

It’s good? But without that organised chaotic glitchy mess aesthetic that made No Now’s sound so unique, this basically just sounds like a 90s boy band album with off kilter production. It’s a good effort and I really appreciate the amount of work that ended up going into the entire project and consequently the LEAVE EARTH playlist, but it’s definitely a combo of being sort of flat/boring and, as crim said, lacking in any sort of memorable catchiness that No Now was drowning in. The older tracks that first appeared a couple years ago are the best ones on here and the fact they’re slightly different from how we remember them is a fun little thing for long time fans but… ehh idk man. It’s a solid 6 or 7 from me but it ain’t AOTY material.

edit: 2016 is the best track on here. it really touched me;only track that feels it has real soul. gorgeous work on it.