Can I Get a Job With


… an associates degree in Cyber Security? Right now I work at a music distro but it’s entry-level, tedious, and I don’t get paid much for how hard I have to physically work. Before this I studied philosophy for 2 years but I dropped out due to various mental health factors (still in debt as well). So now since I can’t find any good jobs without a degree I was wondering if an Associates in Cyber Security would be worth it at my local community college. I know bachelor’s are preferred but I’m not really good enough at school for that, even if I try my hardest.


What country? Cyber security is becoming a very important field but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not really into it as it can be the most boring thing for a lot of ppl. Like incredibly boring


Yeah I reckon so. You could probably get work at a tech PR company with that experience, and/or companies like Cyber Security Challenge. I work in music distro, albeit more senior and for a label, but I feel some of your pain.


not a professional at all in this, but maybe you could get something in social media.


Well I decided on a Mass Comunnications degree instead. Trying for a bachelors. Hopefully I can eventually get an internship and work my way into radio? Wish me luck.


Hey good luck @intifaxa

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