Call Super and Parris // CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK (Self Released)


fuck yeah, two of my favs!!! the track is incredible

September 27, 2019


ooh, excited. Love both.


Great combo. Looking forward to digging into this.


Out now. Second track is amazing too. Really hope to see more out of this collab.


Chiselers Rush is seriously one my favourite tracks of the year. It gets better with every listen


Dope track. I really dig how many artists are getting on Bandcamp. I like that.



This is one of those collaborations where at times it’s possible to hear the work of each artist, especially Chiseler’s Rush. Man, what a track, I saw Four Tet buy that on Bandcamp and turned it on and wow, a sweet track.

The first track is an obvious star, but the second - it took a few listens but it’s very, very good, especially when it shifts it up halfway. A solid release, wonder if these guys will do an album. Definitely feeling both of their styles blend together for this one.

And yeah, Bandcamp is on the rise and rise, I am a little fearful because of the rise of streaming services, I hope Bandcamp stays being successful, I figure it’s a place for artists to sell physical records and CDs and tapes, so it will stay for a while. I hope so, I just love buying 24-bit music on there and leaving reviews.