Bring your Ard Percussive Bangers


Lets hear your fave bongo bangers…



But really any Konk tune, NYC lower east side dance tunes in the 80s were bound to have bongos in em. Hit the mutant disco compilation for choice cuts.


Wot, nobody’s drawn for Apache yet?


I’m gonna be less specific on the title as I do love bongos but I’m really going for a more general percussive tip on this one :smiley:



@umn speaking of, I heard a very nice Apache sampling (modern) track on Rinse this morning. really dreamy Detroit pads and some subtle 303 acid bass. fucking lush, actually. if anyone can ID the track, I’d love to know who it was…


they called it Ongi Bongi

rolling dubstep


Just reminded me of this gem of an edit:


not sure if these pass muster re the revised thread title, but to me they bang…

certainly ard

and no doubt percussive




I’m currently on tour, but I love percussion so will follow this tread closely and add to it as soon as I get home!


Although any Shackleton would work in this instance, the two tracker he put out last year was superb.




TSVI definitely one of my faves on this tip atm new LP was a big step up


That wayfarer track is fire!


I have a whole playlist for these types of tracks!!!

not really a banger or ard but still goes:

always a classic:

literally just percussion and nothing else:


Her Records + Even the Strong have been at the forefront (for me) of hard percussive bangers.