Brand New to Adobe Creative Cloud, Suggestions?


Hey All,

Just bought myself an early Christmas present, a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

My question is what resources can you share to help me learn these programs? Specifically Premier, After Effects, Photoshop and Lightroom…

I’d like to begin in that order…right now I’m beginning with video edits

here’s what I’ve put together pre-Adobe using iMovie or DaVinci Resolve…

I’ll be buying a Sony RX-100iii after the New Year…for now shooting on an iPhone…

Any advice on courses, tutorials, channels, videos, tips and tricks are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


i think a good understanding of Photoshop as a tool is a really nice starting foundation for continuing in any Adobe Creative application. Otherwise as solid “coursework” “practice” it depends on you/ You could searce coursera, become certified through Adobe, or just check out some videos on Youtube. I think all work well depending on time, constraints, financials, etc. Like almost anything the more you practice / more you use it the better handle on the tool you will have. Experience sold separately.



yeah, for now I’m just editing lots and lots of travel videos and things i shoot to practice creating narratives and just testing out all of the features, googling what i don’t know as I go.

as far as photoshop I sort of don’t know where to start? like I want to create a project for myself like creating some sort of flyers or posters, or possibly editing photos I’ve taken but with an iPhone 5 as my old camera it’s sort of limiting, but maybe that’s just a lazy excuse.

what projects did you begin with on PS?


i mean I know it sounds weird, but maybe

just read up, click the links, get familiar with what the terms actually mean and what they are actually doing pixel wise. otherwise, make up some projects for yourself. i find it helps to actually do things that maybe you would not do in the first place to get a better grasp on how to use the many variety of tools. For example, make a fake album cover for a death metal band, create a flyer for a local handyman trying to attract new customers, redesign one of your favorite book covers, etc. having a “brief” or “objective” can really get the ball rolling. Especially when you have a blank screen and a million buttons. hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Likewise, I just got a Creative Cloud subscription. I’ve been using a version of PS that’s well over 10 years old and Pagemaker ffs!

(Provided I get the job I’ve interviewed for, and likely also any other jobs I could get) l will be using InDesign mostly, Photoshop, and probably the video and web programs too.

Would really like to learn Illustrator just for my own art. I’d rather have actual classes, but the local colleges are :robot::skull_and_crossbones::exploding_head::money_with_wings: so I’ll have to find whatever free online courses there are out there. I need to learn some patience for YouTube! It’s the searching for what’s good that I have a problem with.

It’s great to know I can ask questions in here!


FWIW, I taught myself Photoshop and Pagemaker just going along with only the instruction manual for reference. The current PS isn’t all that different. I checked out some of the “hands-on tutorials” under Learn and they were really effective and quick to run through.

I learned just by making up projects for myself, like fake business cards and a book design, so doing your own posters would be a good way to go. Like dinosaurcamera said above

Just start off with light things you that you can mess up with no angst or whatever. The tutorials include uploading your own photos to try the different techniques on.


Ok great thanks guys this is really helpful

was thinking of purchasing this cus it appears to be a deal, but who knows in terms of content if it’s legit…

the plan is to create lots of self projects and google, youtube search, and dig on forums as i run into roadblocks…thanks again!


Hey there I am currently in CC course so we can talk about it sometimes and I will tell you some stuff
since I have the foundations for a lot of visual tools.









Haven’t been able to get into InDesign while I’m off ADHD meds. Spending the time well by uploading all my drawings into the Adobe cloud.


I can’t get in to it even on meds tbh.


can anyone give me any guidance on whether to set up new Ps documents as 8-, 16-, or 32-bit? i am working with massive ultra hi-res files i’m importing with a pro scanner and want to know if the default 8-bit setting will ultimately compress/degrade my image.


Id say you want to at least match the bit depth of your scanner - which i assume is 16 or 32 bit.

higher bit depth = higher color range


@Myrezu thanks! my scanner is 48-bit :confused: and the 32-bit setting on Ps disables some features like paint bucket plus my computer kinda spazzes running that hot. maybe I’ll give 16-bit a try…


no prob~
& yeah i feel that lol my computer shuts down (from overheating i assume) almost every time i run after effects.


Guess you have been sorted out by now?

48-bit scanner gives you Red, Green and Blue in 16 bit each (16-bit colour per Channel)
Your PS document should be 16 bit colour . . .
So to not loose out use 16-bit document

But unless you are going to print to a very serious printer, 8 bit colour pr channel will let your PS work be much easier.

You should also look into Color Setting/ Color Profiles
Choosing one profile from start to finish will help your colours stay as consistent as possible.
Adobe RGB colour profile is often your best bet unless you know its web only (sRGB)

And like with audio, there is a limit to how much is better.
The colour range will be constrained by your final output, much more so than audio.
Most screens will not show you the full colour range of 16-bit or 32-bit per Channel images,
so unless your printer is known to benefit or the pressing plant has stated they want 16-bit or more . . .
dont bother with the extra processing time of higher bit depths


brilliant! thank you for this. math saves the day!