Boiler Room / Apple Music Partnership



Very very sick stuff.

Emphasis should be on PAYING THE ARTISTS/PRODUCERS. DJ’s on Boiler Room have been payed out plenty from live gigs they got off the back of these appearances playing other peoples music, but producing electronic music that DJ’s play is a thankless and penniless biz as far as I can tell.

Here’s a thought from Mat Dryhurst aka the oracle:


yes!!! this!!!

also great move from boiler room ! spotify crying in shambles rn


Good on Boiler Room for finally stepping up on this one! It’s 100% time to change this situation and they’re a brand that should definitely be leading the way on this imo


future of rnb ? what even is rnb anymore


dat dreamy rnb for yall. made with a nostalgic trap beat

youtube, spotify, soundcloud

(july - medicated)