Bleep Mix #160 - Aho Ssan


One of my favorite artsits in general. So complex. Hope you guys enjoy it aswell.

French producer, composer and Berlin Atonal favourite Aho Ssan is well known by now for his theory-driven explorations of electronic music’s outer limits. His 2020 LP Simulacrum is a head-spinning labyrinth of sonics with a tantalisingly elusive centre — and so any indication of where his electronic avant-garde philosophy comes from might yield some insights. That’s the feeling you get from his revelatory exclusive Bleep mix. Echoes of Aho Ssan’s work resonate in the scorched sub-techno fury of unreleased Emptyset and Exzald S tracks, while his own remix of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ drenches trap snares with an unruly noise edge.