Blawan // Soft Waahls EP (Ternesc)


date: 2021-06-18
cat #: TESC009
genre: blawan techno

1. Justa
2. The Sithe
3. Silver
4. Fizz City
5. Fourth Dimensional
6. Micro 8's / Micro's [bandcamp and spotify telling me different titles here]

this is the EP that elevated my opinion of blawan as one of the greatest techno producers of this generation to one of the greatest of all time. all time! this is a level of intencity i never heard from him before, and knowing the last few eps, this is saying a lot. ur getting the rhythmic complexity of the early uk bass blawan with the balls2dawall wavetable and modular sound design of the later industrial techno blawan, with a new third aspect: a new emotional melodic trance heart that was only hinted at from earlier ternesc work, but now coming to full force in the latter half here. of all the things that i thought this guy could do a whole decade and a year from that first single on hessle, i never once thought he would make me tear up a bit. 9/10. fizz city and fourth dimensional, in particular: 10/10


heard it this week! i love his mixing


He’s been pumping out so much goodness for a while and just keeps getting better and better. He caught my attention with this slice of awesome dementedness a while back and I’ve been hooked ever since:

Just excellent!


And just got to listening to the EP all the way through - hhhollly shit, that’s some insanely bloody good dance! See what you mean about the trancey flavours, the end of ‘Fourth Dimensional’ is just pure euphoric goodness, but I like it how he’s put it through his sort of smudged out rough lens. One of the best release I’ve heard this year for sure!