Blanck mass like music


This album really changed the way I experience music, one of my favorite albums ever. Now I am looking for more in the same vein, any suggestions?


Well, I’m sure you know them already, but the guy from Blanck Mass is one half of Fuck Buttons, which is in a similar vein. Their “Tarot Sport” album is epic!


You’d probably like Gang Gang Dance.


yeah that World Eater is a great album. check out ADR - Throat on Pan if you haven’t:



Thanks all! I started to run out of places to find new music, this really helped!


this should never happen! :scream:


I know, right? Been trying to find stuff on youtube since I like music w visuals but don’t even know what to search for anymore.


bths80: Break a mirrored leg is now my everything! Love it! If you know more like this, please let me know!


Less melodic but oh how much I like this!


You might like Sd Laika. From a noisy sound designer perspective it truly has it’s roots in the dark side.


@Kallin that Quirke EP is a stunner, and may be lightning in a bottle as i’ve found he hasn’t quite matched it with anything he’s released since, though all of his stuff is still great.