Blanck Mass // Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)


announced 3 seconds ago in my apple email thing. let’s goooo, one of first ACTUAL big releases this year. yahooo


i am a simple man. i see blanck mass, i like post

in all seriousness though, i’m pretty hyped. also wanna point how how all of his album art is always on point.


simple man too, seen the announcement on his tumblr.
first track seem more distant, bit more cold and calm on and vocals, and composition still a hive <3


love it. preview track is bad-fucking-ass :facepunch:


man, this put an enormous smile on my face. what a groove.


really loving this new track, damn


locked and loaded for tomorrow AM :slight_smile:


had a first parse this morning when i woke up feeling groggy. pretty good although i think i may be incapable of listening to it as an album after thoroughly rinsing and subsequently fatiguing myself on the singles. dunno if i agree with the RA review and its 3.0 score - it seems more of a critique on the ‘pretentious’ writeup surrounding the album about rampant consumerism than the music itself. it’s an intense and sugary, almost kaleidoscopic dose of multiple genres (more screaming this time around) curled into one shape, and it’s pretty rad imo. perhaps the same sounding trance synth is a little over used throughout… and could have done with another heavily warped R&B style song like previous album single ‘Please’ but otherwise most of these songs will be going into my Big Playlist™


album is totally sick AF. expertly sequenced, each song feels like a self-contained episode within the album’s cohesive story arc. I think the relatively homogeneous sound palette actually fortifies and unifies each of the tracks in the best possible way. thankfully, I did not OD on the singles beforehand so I was really able to immerse myself from beginning to end :slight_smile:


i found the album easy to admire in terms of musicianship but hard to actually love,
bring back fuck buttons!!!


I don’t miss Fuck Buttons at all – the stuff he’s putting out is more than enough to fill the gap considering it’s a similar sound palette.

I struggle with some of the production on this record and couldn’t listen to it all day, but overall it’s banging.