best weird snare sound


favorite unique snare sound in a track


as much as it is a joke now theres a reason why the “pryda snare” took off as it did. honestly u could call this deconstructed club in the sense that its exaggeration of 80s pop rock / synthpop gated reverb, made by someone who obv was a scholar of that music (any interview with eric will have a part where he just gushes about his undying love of depeche mode) as an explict compositional tool of instant drama, instead just regular percussion. and i am an edm kid at heart (i was a preteen during the american edm boom) and even its later overuse in big room is as nostaligic to me as the amen break or the hoover bass is for older clubbers

ofc if u bring up snares as a compositonal focus in dance music, obv “spastik” must be brought up, the first and still the best example. its not a unique sound at all as itself, just very obv tr-808, but hearing it morph and manipulate organicly like this as a focus, without care for any melody or harmony in the world, rlly was a revelation for me at age 14 on what music can be in general

and ofc, the “st. anger” rattleless snare, the only snare sound as memed to oblivion as the pryda snare, and one i rlly do love as much as the pryda snare for how “wrong” it sounds. i think too many metallica fans blame this one sound for this whole albums failures too much. its faults rlly have to with them writing long songs that sound like 12" extended edits of metallica songs (which i also do kinda like as a dance music person), and probs more importantly, overall loudness in mastering. it was a mainstream metal album in 2003, obvious loudness war casuality. the snare barely had anything to do with it, all u need to prove that is a listen to the next metallica album, a mostly forgetable retreat to the early thrash metal days produced by the five-star general of the loudness wars, to see how much worse it can get, even with the “right” sounding snare


Zero irony got a lot of love for the Jack U snare


what is up with this sudden stream of EDM on this forum lately? lol


Wiley’s cancelled now, but the Wiley clank snare is the obvious answer for me.


current young adults of today (ex. me) have been teens during the american edm boom of the early 10s. im sure quite a lot of folx got into more underground dance offramping from that stuff (ve talked before about hearing about skrillex and richie hawtin doing a charity outreach tour of rural south africa together was how i got into techno as an american edm-loving preteen) so some level of nostalgia is enviable!


call me old fashioned but Amen Brother’s snare has to be tested before you go any deeper in the sample pack


Autechre’s ‘Cipater’ utterly blew my mind when I first heard it back in '97. Made me feel like I was inside an insectal alien space ship or something ha ha. The snare on this is just sounds amazing, so utterly lo rez :slightly_smiling_face:


The classics will never die


Yeah, Wiley may have disgraced himself (epicly stupidly imo) but his Eski beat work is still huge! Best stuff he ever did I reckon


Ha ha I know right? It’s pretty funny but who can say no to a chainsaw baseline :crazy_face:


As a metal kid I gotta say the drum sound on St Anger is like the only thing Metallica actually got right on that album ha ha ha I remember loads of people bagged the drum sound on it when it came out but I think that was totally wrong. Good production imo


I gotta admit, the song they did with Justin Beiber is a total guilty pleasure song for me :shushing_face:


Put some respect on Burial’s name. It’s definitely been rinsed at this point but a classic nonetheless


Those first 2 records are 100% mint


a dreamy r&b song for yall.//