Berlin Atonal // Kraftwerk // Berlin 22-26/08/18


The festival just announced the first wave of artists, thoughts ?

Been going religiously for the past three years, it’s my personal favourite, unique meltdown of the weirdest and most experimental stuffs, heavy techno, bass, ambient and more. The 2 main stages are in the Kraftwerk but past midnight or something the festival is happening in Tresor Ohm & Globus all in the same building, until early morning (sometimes even noon)!
Also from 6pm there are some projections stuffs and the whole venue is permanently kinda a museum.

Imo this first wave is great but really mainstream compared to previous years, usually mostly world premiere/special comissions, really underground stuffs. Still hyped tho, got my early bird yeah :turtle:


Looks incredible. I’ll have to book a flight.


im feeling it… will definitely be grabbing a ticket again. without doubt one of the best festivals in the world


i’ll be going for the first time. beyond excited




What I thought of this year’s edition:


Enjoyed reading through that cheers. Looks like there were lots of highlights. Great to see there’s an audience for events like this.


Ah man. Need to make it to this one day.