benefit-compilations for struggeling clubs


You know the deal. All venues are closed down and need money to survive the crisis. I thought I share some solidarity-compilations for Leipzig-based clubs.
Please post similar projects here. Time to buy some files I think.

Pracht is a small venue and they host a lot of experimental music as you can hear here too. Includes music from Disrupt, Kiki Hitomi, Mix Mup, Kassem Mosse and more.

Mjut is the youngest club over here. I think the compilation features more clubby sounds but it will be fully released tomorrow so I can’t really say more. There’s also a crowdfunding to support the club.


So no support compilations for venues or other projects in your area? C’mon folks …


Soli compilation for Chemnitz-based clubs:

Compilation for Brixton Soup Kitchen:

Compilation that partly supports MISSION LIFELINE: