Beautiful music videos


I am looking for music videos with stunning visuals, anyone got any favorites to share? Any style is of interest.


I always get back to this one:


A bit weird maybe, but I think this one is really cool.


This is one of my all time favorites:


Two of my all time favs:


reminds me of Norman McLaren a little bit


A classic


this is probs enough for now


I might just have been rather sensitive the day I watched this one, but Barker’s music video for Utility really hit a nerve and made me cry when I watched it.

uhm, yeah, just watched it again and it made me cry again. just good vibes from this one.


Not sure if it’s beautiful technically but I’m obsessed with Osamu Sato at the moment.


Awesome! The sun always shines on TV is one of my favorite songs ever!




Always loved the combination of the music, imagery and words in this: