Barker // Utility (Ostgut Ton)


no samples yet. sick artwork. can’t wait.

releases September 6, 2019


Oh my god, this is the craziest coincidence ever. Literally JUST threw on for the first time in 6 months, opened up the forum, and saw this post. Amazing!

Anyways, very excited for this, really enjoyed his ep linked above.


been listening to Debiasing a ton over the last month or two, looking forward to this…and getting a digital copy of the recent EP he put out, they’re up on YT now at least tho!


Looking forward hearing this !! His last EP was fantastic !! And the cover is incredible !!!


Wow, keeping an eye out for that! Debiasing was excellent!


Really psyched about this one. Debiaising really pushed things in what seemed to me a new and exciting direction.
Looking forward to putting my hands on it!


Some preview of the LP here:
Sounds pretty damn ace!


whole thing is streaming now


wow. 5 tracks in and its great so far. track 2 is the highlight so far. what do others think?


love the mood shift at track 4, suddenly it goes deep. sounds like sweeping at the bottom of the ocean.


like taking a warm, therapeutic bath in a bathtub filled with morphine.

title track is my fave. beatless banger par excellence.


although maybe that’s a bit to do with context and everything that preceded it


on first listen, diehards of the darwinian order slaps hard. gonna give this a full spin tonight.


I’ve just ordered the LP on Ostgut Ton’s bandcamp… Can’t wait for the vinyl… absolutely can’t wait… i’m like a spoilt kid… This LP is absolutely fantastic, it sounds cosmic as fuck, I’m traveling through the astral dimensions with this…


Utility / Barker does E2-E4.