Artist(s) you've recently discovered that blew you away


Electronic music is a vast, beautiful, endless ocean… or at least that’s the perception I’ve acquired with time.

A big part of my listening to music is always striving to explore new sub-genres and find new artists, so that I can widen my horizons, expand my knowledge(music-wise) and, in a way, avoid staying in the “same place”.

I have to admit that I’m not really pushing myself to do this, as the experience is as satisfactory and fulfilling as listening to my favorite artists/tracks I always have(when you really stumble upon a good one that is).

A fresh example is having found out about The Field(Alex Willner). This guy’s bloody brilliant! Been happily falling down the rabbit hole for a couple of days now.

Some of his tracks remind me of an old Pantha Du Prince that I used to be so in love with.

This got me thinking how I’ve been so often through this, and that other people might share or want to share this view, so I hope it’s worth the Thread!


I just discovered Rosalia, and I would recommend anyone here listen to her music. Her music has some elements of electronic music with the production and some vocal effects, but I believe that her music is just as beautiful when the arrangements are sparse, leaving only her voice and an acoustic guitar alongside some vocal fx and hand claps.



+1 for this. Her vocals are insane!

Catalina is hands down my favorite track of hers


wow, amazing music!

I’m really late on Colin Stetson, but his music blew my mind! Especially when I saw him live in Dresden some months ago.

Amazing guy!


Ben Vince does some really amazing textural saxophone stuff you might really dig if you’re not already familiar!


Jasmin Kaset who wrote the lyrics for You Drive’s self titled debut. Stellar texts and delivery for brains on oxytocin on this record. The slick music by Makeup and Vanity Set fits perfectly. Mind blowing debut imo.


Just discovered yesterday a song that got me like crazy. Got some postclub vibes. It released in 2011 and got like 2K views. I feel like this song released 10 years too early, it is so actual. Made me think of what the sadboys can sometimes do.
Im just a little disappointed because the artist never did any other songs after that.



i seen him live some months ago too! was super nice


i just came in here to post Rosalia as well. Saw her down in Miami last week, not knowing a single song of hers, and it absolutely blew my mind. As I understand it her new album is way different than her older stuff, way more “expermental pop”. I loved every second. the beats are thunderously huge in an arena setting and her voice is absolutely buckwild. I almost started crying, people, i can’t explain it. So excited about her right now.


a dreamy r&b song for yall…


Been into Lillyisthatyou lately.