are there any similar forums to 555-5555?


Comment the link below if u know any


dubstepforum… as it was back in the day (and by that, i mean early 2013 when I first joined). I guarantee it was even more populated / diverse in tastes further back as well.


I mean it’s a bit of an oxymoron to ask for places similar to here when this place was specifically set up to be different and unalike any other social place online if you ask me :eyes:

This said I would totally be down for more comfy chill out places that aren’t filled with arseholes like this, so hey,


hehe I didn’t mean anything like that I just tend to use few websites on similar topic to compare and get some more info. but if you felt in that way I’m sorry my friend



Lots of good archives there…good looks @droid!


I think that a lot of people here would be interested in a facebook group I run called Project Rockpoool Nearly 1.5k members discussing some of the bigger questions that relate to music. If the big naughty F word is not your bag we also have a Discord server (admittedly with a lot less people in it)

In fact I imagine there might already be some cross-over in our members already.

I miss the days of EM411 forum back in the day. Anyone here ever hang out there?

#8 techno related