Aphex Twin // Collapse (Warp)


I guess we’re not talking about this??? :rofl:

I’ll be the first to post…


Yeah this was so sick. Was very excited to see the teasers - pretty cool marketing from Warp. The visuals are totally nuts!

This kinda reminded me of Drukqs - especially Vordhosbn which is one of my fave Aphex tracks, so would be cool if the rest of the release was on a similar vibe


I’ll be honest I was waiting for someone else to do it lmao

Was considering posting when the “press release” teaser came out but then realized that didn’t even come with a release date. It comes out on the 14th September for those interested.

Anyway yeah the song is alright but good fucking lord that video is something else entirely. It accidentally puts the song its for to shame with how incredible it is. That text at the start is also fun, seems to be a conversation between Richard and the folks who did the video.

EDIT - Also fun; the folks at Bleep changed most of the Aphex covers to have the Collapse logo on it.


that’s wicked. and, yeah, the video is quite impressive (to say the least). I love the tune, as well!


There was a bit in the vid that made reminded me of Gwennap Pit in Cornwall about 10 mins drive from the town of Lanner where Rich grew up. Also where John Peel interviewed him and Luke Vibert for a series that might have been called ‘Sounds of the suburbs’ or something like that.
Also… its the birthplace of Methodism (I went there when we were on holiday and picked up a pamphlet).


@POLY wow good call! yes, I do remember them sitting in that little amphitheater during that Peel interview. was also assuming that most of the rest of the landmarks were in Wales, as well?


Pre ordered it as soon as I could. Vid and trak are amazing. If u go on the aphex twin subreddit someone transcribed all the text at the start of the video its pretty funny


Heh just noticed the silver Elephant n Castle roundabout building at 1:52; legendary lair of RDJ… that myth must be more that 20 years old now…! Any other locations part of the Aphex lore?


I was searching for Aphex’s new track on SC and misspelled like 96 and found this track…
It’s different from an original but sounds pretty sick too…


anyone remember the old days on Soulseek when anonymous producers would upload a “leak” of the new whatever and it’d be original music?


Yeah it has been leaked already. Im waiting for the official release tho. Apparently ita rly good


I don’t care much for the newer Aphex stuff (since Drukqs really). I couldn’t sit through that recent video, it is all showoff effects to me.

However that John Peel interview with him and Vibert was class. Also nice to see the Cornwall references. I think someone did post this already, anyway - this a very, very good piece on Aphex and the Cornwall references:


Heard the leak now, and the final 4 tracks are much better than Collapse (apart from its funky mid-section). He’s gone quite footwork influenced in places. Good melodies.


not sure it’s Richard…


footwork influence

oh baby


wow wow wow wow


“Thats where you put the decks”