Anyone want to chat nerd shit about DIY hi-fi, Raspberry Pi etc


I don’t see much hi-fi chat on here so apologies if this is off-topic - lemme know if so and I’ll delete.

Was wondering if there’s anyone on here who’s interested in open source/DIY/~hacky~ digital audio stuff like Volumio, RuneAudio, and especially all the various Raspberry Pi-based hi-fi stuff?

I’m going to try to build a Raspberry Pi-based network audio streamer. I’ve been thinking about buying a streamer for ages but I suddenly decided I wanted a project, plus you can pick up the components for less than £100. Anyone else interested in stuff like this?


I’m using a raspberry pi 3 running ArchLinuxARM with an IQAudio Pi-Digi+ hat and MPD to run my music collection at home. Had a look at being able to stream to my phone a few times but there never seemed to be anything that looked like exactly what I want.

Actually just got my Pi 4 today can’t wait to get it running!


Ace! Are you happy with the IQaudio hat? I’ve been looking at the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro but wondering if there are better options.

I’d really like to run this on an RPi4 but I’m planning to use Volumio and there doesn’t seem to be support for the 4 coming particularly soon, so I’ll go with a 3B+ for the time being. Also are HATs designed for 2/3 also compatible with 4 do you know?


Yeah the HATs will fit the 4, the 40pin connector they all use is still the same, in fact looks like hifi berry already say they support the 4:

tbh I’ve not got a clue why I chose the IQAudio, there’s a lot of choice and I remember having trouble finding proper reviews for them. But yeah I’m happy with it, easy enough to set up and nothing has gone wrong since.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hoping all the components will arrive in the next few days, I’ll report back here…