Anyone here on Scuttlebutt?


The decentralised social network. I’m really excited about it and it seems like something some people on here might be into. Introduction here:


seems like a step in the right direction…are you on it and if so what’s your experience been like so far? does it feel like a party nobody else has shown up to yet?


It’s a pretty small community, but there’s lots of interesting stuff happening on there. it seems to be mainly decentralised web/P2P/digital arts etc people so far


Yeah. Joined a few days ago. Interested to see how it goes. Maybe we can start a 555-5555 channel?


I’ve tried it as well. Haven’t spent much time figuring it out, but the tags I’ve followed don’t seem to have much activity. What subjects have the most level of interest?


I’m very keen to try it out once i’m less busy with school. Have bookmarked it for now


curious what are peoples’ experiences on scuttlebutt after some time, thinking of joining up…


i dunno but i hate fb so i’m downloading this today


I’d like this to work, haven’t figured it out yet though. I think you probably need to follow a lot of people to start out with, or else nothing seems to go on.


i had luck with this server ::

i’m on there tho and loving the potential so far


i’ve been kind of dipping in and out. I like it a lot, and there are some really interesting conversations going on especially if you’re into tech/decentralisation/left politics/etc. I think just as important as the conversations that are actually happening there currently, though, is the fact that the model exists and has been proven to work. There are definitely some issues to iron out. Mobile access is a big one - there is now a pretty reliable mobile client, but as far as I can see it’s simply not practical to be storing what could potentially be a huge database on your phone.


i just got on. i really enjoy the platform’s mission. i have a lot of exploring to do.

you can find me at the following id to say hi:



I’m @xce9465UuamykQx3FIEdR4ndPweOMaByGVo/FvVvfE4=.ed25519


With usernames like that I find it hard to belive this will take on apart from a select few, but I’ve tried about 20-30 other social networks through my time so I’ll try this one as well, and hope it turns out better than Diaspora and the others.


Those aren’t the user names, just addresses. I think you could search by user name just as easily, I just followed the example above me.



or @astrofolk


i’ve been exploring for the past couple days. There’s new activity everyday and a diverse range of topics. kind of exactly as @joshajhall said earlier

i’m learning a bunch and meeting some interesting folks


I’m in! @PzrZIAF61sFqhGJ3fEdxQzbAzwoMoaSJYMHUqOWaFgE=.ed25


I’m gonna scuzzlebutt right in and be the negative grandad once again and say - no, nope, no, noooo! Looks like a website from 1995, and it’s messy as hell. How do you guys navigate on there? It’s like a maze of strange words I don’t want to have to read, nevermind a “getting started guide” to get to understand the meaning of said words/expressions. “Gossiping securely is the new email” - what? No. What the hell does that even mean? Why am I reading those words in a sentence, and why should I care about it?

I’ve seen a dozen of these go up and go down again, this look no different to the rest. Post some funny pictures, some pictures of art and blah blah, oh people got bored of it after 10 days, no one is on here, it’s back offline.

But hey, I’m old, and just doing my job of being a bit negative. You can all carry on being positive about it now. :stuck_out_tongue: