Anyone here on Scuttlebutt?


The decentralised social network. I’m really excited about it and it seems like something some people on here might be into. Introduction here:


seems like a step in the right direction…are you on it and if so what’s your experience been like so far? does it feel like a party nobody else has shown up to yet?


It’s a pretty small community, but there’s lots of interesting stuff happening on there. it seems to be mainly decentralised web/P2P/digital arts etc people so far


Yeah. Joined a few days ago. Interested to see how it goes. Maybe we can start a 555-5555 channel?


I’ve tried it as well. Haven’t spent much time figuring it out, but the tags I’ve followed don’t seem to have much activity. What subjects have the most level of interest?


I’m very keen to try it out once i’m less busy with school. Have bookmarked it for now