Any recommendations of recent uk female musicians??


Hey, was wondering if there’s any uk female musicians I should be checking out? Yes I know Beatrice Dillon but who else??


India Jordon is always a good shout.


Mica Levi , Tirzah, Little Simz, Eva Lazarus and FKA Twigs make my UK women’s dream team


broad mix / some newer names… Shygirl, Fabianna Palladino, E L L E, Galya Bisengalieva, Aya [FKA Loft], Flora Yin Wong, John Glacier, Bianca Scout


+1 on Fabiana Palladino and Tirzah! Been on high rotate for me over the last little bit.

Emma Jean Thackray is really worth checking out too:


LCY (formerly L U C Y)

+1 for Micachu / Mica Levi, Tirzah & India Jordan (though I believe she is non binary)


aircode, Ziúr, Sky H1, 8ULENTINA


keyah/blu just released her new album

while youre there check out her frequent collaborator denzel himself

jockstrap are a london duo with an ep out (plus remixes which r equaly great)