Anunaku // Whities 024 (Whities)


Solid heavy hitting bangers. Really feeling the drum programming and the more Middle Eastern type drums and sounds especially in track 1 and a bit in track 2. Also love the lighter spacey second half of track 3. Pretty great release, I’m usually drawn to Whities for their consistency, cover art, and because they’ve put out a bunch of stuff that I love; releases by Kowton, Lanark Artefax, Minor Science, Tessela/Lanark Artefax split, and Overmono.

This is my first post after lurking a few months, hopefully I did this correctly! Embedding the player wasn’t showing up, hopefully it works but I’ll try and edit if possible.


took me a few listens, but Temples got some solid drums!


Yeah, Temples is solid. Those drum patterns are so good.


Ace EP.
Didn’t like it on first listen, but damn, now it’s so much my jam.


Indeed also really good.