Animal Collective // Tangerine Reef (Domino)


“audiovisual album by Animal Collective (Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist), in collaboration with Coral Morphologic, to commemorate the 2018 International Year of the Reef. Tangerine Reef is a visual tone poem consisting of time-lapse and slow pans across surreal aquascapes of naturally fluorescent coral and cameos by alien-like reef creatures (note: no CGI or artificial enhancement was used in this film).”

No Panda Bear on this one. Preview sounds pretty laid back in a good way like Fall Be Kind, or chill bits of Sung Tongs or Spirit They’re Gone. Personally found the last few releases a bit OTT dense and ADD, so this could be a return to form.

First taster is also the first track on the album. Is this that new PR trend of releasing the first few tracks as singles? (see SOPHIE & Low SOPHIE // Oil of Every Pearl's Un-insides (Transgressive). Anyone noticed that on other releases recently?


hasn’t it always been a major label strategy of putting the lead single first on an LP?

but yeah, it’s probably exaggerated now with streaming, the fact that tracks get far less plays nearer the end of the record, artists are probably stuffing all the meat near the beginning.

I really like The Beatles’ rule of never putting singles on the LP

I also often find myself re-ordering albums these days in ways I find them more enjoyable… A lot of recs are ordered in ways I find hard to get into at the mo


I’ve noticed that it’s usually the second track on an album that serves as a single, but like all art, this isn’t set in stone. On what you have said though, it’s a shame that streaming services have magnified the extent in which the earlier tracks get the most attention, with smaller artists being affected the most. A lot of iconic albums have better A sides, but I believe that this issue is talked about now since most if not all streaming services show the amount of views songs get. It’s always been like this, but it’s even more of an incentive on a label’s part to get the big singles earlier in an album.