Amnesia Scanner THREAD


Does anyone know what is? You can download it on the Amnesia Scanner website by clicking on the top right Siri thing. I’ve analyzed the Hex Dump but there was nothing interesting. I’ve also changed the file extension to dll and vst3 to see if it was a VST plugin since Oracle is supposed to be the vocal processor/AI they use. I haven’t found anything. I’m pretty sure it’s interesting though since they always talk about Oracle in interviews, and it featured in AS Spectacult.


Very interesting find, let us know if you figure it out.


Maybe it’s an oracle like asking questions and getting a mysterious answer – 8-Ball/Sibyl type of thing :wink:


its either nothing or a stash of 1000 bitcoins


which will be nothing soon



The wise elders can’t quite seem to foresee where crypto is going in the future though. The idea is still good, it’s just a race too see what coins will survive I think.


one word



LOL, that’s crazy, but of course that exists. :stuck_out_tongue: