Amnesia Scanner // Another Life (PAN)


Releases September 7th. Again, I’m super early here but aaaAAA I have been looking forward to a full length AS release ever since I heard AS EP back in 2016!

  1. AS Symmetribal
  2. AS Unlinear feat. Pan Daijing
  3. AS A.W.O.L.
  4. AS Another Life
  5. AS Daemon
  6. AS Too Wrong
  7. AS Spectacult feat. Oracle
  8. AS Faceless
  9. AS Chain
  10. AS Securitaz
  11. AS Chaos feat. Pan Daijing
  12. AS Rewild

Videos for AS Chaos and new track AS A.W.O.L. follows:

Theres also AS Securitaz listed there which makes me think we’ll finally hear a clearer version of the songs from that strange 15 minute long video of the same name. Anyway, more AS is more good!


that cover art. taken from previously unseen footage inside a deconstructed club.


FINALLY a full length from them!


ooooh a 2nd track with Pan Daijing!


Bit of extra info, as seen on various sites: “According to the label, the album sees the duo build on their abrasive experimental club music by drawing in “human and inhuman voices” while exploring conventional pop structures and “avant-EDM” sounds.”

Additionally, wrt the vocals on AS A.W.O.L. it’s apparently “a disembodied voice called Oracle that “represents the sentience that has emerged from Amnesia Scanner.” Goddamn I seriously love the self-aware yet still fully serious occult/sci-fi vibes AS utilize.

Also there was this little press photo which acts as a companion to the cover of the album:


Been sorta paying attention to these guys since 2015. AS Chaos is one of the most unsettling tracks I’ve ever heard.


Id recommend Pan Daijing’s album ‘Lack’ if you want more of that feeling tbh


this leaked and is pretty incredible


perhaps the leak will trigger some sort of digi 'Ruinenwert '_

1/2 of AS is an architect, this is some good reading about club buildings:


very interesting read.


architects, god love 'em, they make pretty things but, lordy, do they over-intellectualize the living shit out of everything. dude lost me on the post-colonial, deconstructionist, Middle Eastern power dynamic jargon wankfest.


Did someone say wankfest? …oh, I see, never mind.

Looking forward to hearing this album. Not sought out the leak though so only heard a little bit so far. Been smashing AS AWOL in the car at ridonkulous volumes and scaring the locals (they probably just think im a c**t)

Pan just posted link to this slightly bonkers vid on Twitter.

I like it.


man it is just so good


Yeah I’m picking this up on vinyl as soon as it comes to US stores.


it just keeps on giving, surely one of the best of the year… fwd>> and danceable


ah fuck just coming around to these sounds but now im seeing what the fuss is about. hype shit!


I actually thought this was real/it was actually spinning that much for a minute. Sick song, sick vid, can’t wait for this to drop.


its out~

they updated their website accordingly and its still weird as hell http://WWW.AMNESIASCANNER.NET


FWD & Danceable 100%. Loving this. Kind of clicks with me in the way I always wanted the last Errorsmith to. I always check out PAN stuff because even if I don’t like it, it’s a worthwhile listen, but this is an absolute smash.


re: our conversation with interviews and learning who makes the music you love. instead u read a think piece, lol. i just watched a skee mask interview and wish i hadnt, but still love his tunes.