After Daft book announced


eta 2023, authored by Gabriel Szatan

Cannot wait for this. Pretty much everybody I know points to Alive 2007 as some central reason why they like electronic music and it really does feel like the root or precursor of many many things that have happened in the past 15 years.

Also, Anyone interested in a sort of US centric history of Rave music and the leadup to Coachella 2007 should check out MIchaelangos Matos book “The Underground is Massive”.


Also, there’s an absolute slapper of an interview with by Shawn Reynaldo too. Full interview is behind a paywall but you can read some excerpts on Mr. Szatan’s gram. Plenty of good thoughts on journalism (i agree with him that I read plenty of good writing about music all the time), elitist boomer music heads who still hate young kids and EDM (how is anyone still making jokes about EDM?? its been 10 years fellas), and his goals with the book.


That was a real interesting interview! I’d be curious to read the book. I feel like he positioned himself quite carefully there and, while I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said, I’m interested in the way he’s framing things. Seems like the kind of writing born out of his particular experiences and tbh u can’t ask for more than that. Thanks for the share!

Also +1 on his Uproot recommendation. Incredible book!


what i find interesting is that EDM lives rent free on underground’s mind. i don’t think the mainstream is having this convo or this thoughts lmao