A Good Night Out Dancing


A few nights ago I saw Efedemin in Portland at a warehouse.

Really good times, he played for 3 hours and brought a lot of the Osgut sound, hard techno and tribal rhythms, then took a trip through some trance and space disco house then back to some hard techno and house to end the set.

Hadn’t danced or had a proper night in months so it was incredible to get a good sweat in and hear some Berlin tunes on a proper system. Also loved how he would toss in these really high pitched harmonics over the intense pounding bass and drums and sort of brighten up things, layering a high treble over the soup of blasting rhythms.

Anyone else had a good night out lately?


nice:) sounds beaut.

had a surprisingly fun night in Bassano Del Grappa (Italy) at a local party, a kind of fundraiser for a local clothing label that was like a nice warehouse party… then the after party was in a really interesting local villa.

also had a bit of a Berlin vibe:)

nice to find such youthful energy in a town of 40,000