555 Rave Video Archive


A space for videos from Raves of yore…

if you came up in LA you might remember long drives home from San Bernadino, still trippin’ balls…

i came to the scene a few years after these two but heard lots of great stories…





cant seem to get it to embed but its worth a watch, EDC 2000


September 2000


– “I was just completely wasted out of my mind” –

Probably good that I missed the rave scene. Although I may feel I wasted my mind in a different kind of way, it’s probably much less damaged than it would have been :wink:



Not at all a rave, but not sure where else to put this – Marion’s dancing in the club scenes from Wim Wenders Wings of Desire. Arguably objectified, but in the context of the film, she’s dancing completely for herself.


I found this one randomly a few months ago! The footage at the end when the are lights on is sick. Bassbinn Twins keeping the breaks healthy in l8 90s <3


In real life, though, people would be watching.