555-5555 Forum 2 Year Anniversary 🍻


Hey : ) it’s been two years of the forum!

Big love 2 all 555 crew.

Spread the word.



Hey congrats and thanks to everyone on here! Reading and very occasionally posting on this forum has been a real joy for me over the last couple years and I’m really glad this place exists. Cheers! :heart:


Thanks for setting this up! I love lurking and the fact it’s not the fastest moving forum ever means I can catch up with stuff really easily and spend time listening to recommendations.



Cheers guys I’ve really enjoyed it, even though I am not always the most present.


big big thanks to you and everyone participating. appreciate the hosting money it costs and admin time as well. its been fun.


big ups everyone here. Great people, great community, and great discussions.


Thanks everyone for being involved in this cool community <3