2019 // 6 month round up thread


What releases, videos, books, films, exhibitions, live shows, club nights, series &&&tc have you been feeling so far this year?


looking through my itunes and here’s the stuff i really like, no ‘mehs’ included. bolded means it’s love


Call Super - PEACH007
Konx-Om-Pax - Ways of Seeing
Robag Wruhme - Venq Tolep
Quirke - various Bandcamp singles
Dave DK - Chicama
vallmo - ruin walls
Full of Hell - Weeping Choir
Deena Abdelwahed - Remix EP’s
Synkro - Images
Zomby - Vanta
helm - chemical flowers
Batu - False Reeds
Gerry read - It’ll All Be Over
Rainer Veil - Vanity
NY*AK - Vice
oqbqbo - Untitled
Inigo Kennedy - Trajectory
Bella Boo - Supervillain
Kornél Kovács - Stockholm Marathon
Evitceles - The Substance of My Fantasies
Varg - all of his 2019 releases
Buke & Gase - Scholars
nthng - Shine
Shlohmo - Rock Music
FLORA - all releases
FFT - Regional / Loss
Efdemin - New Atlantis
Laurence Guy - Making Music Is Bad for Your Self Esteem
American Football - LP3
Peder Mannerfelt - Life Without Friction
Croatian Amor - Isa
minimal violence - InDreams
Lee Gamble - In a Paraventral Scale
Patricia - Heavy Merging
Flume - Hi This is Flume
Octo Octa - For Lovers
Quavius - Find Ready
Two People - First Body
Best Available Technology - Enginetics & Plasmalterations
Laurel Halo - DJ-Kicks
FKA twigs - Cellophane
Nathan Micay - Blue Spring
Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently
Lafawndah - Ancestor Boy
KYO - All the Same Dream Remixes
Ossia - Devil’s Dance
K Á R Y Y N feat. Young Paint

music disappointments (bolded for crushing despair):

James Blake - Assume Form
Burial - Claustro / State Forest
Anthony Naples - Fog FM
Bjarki - Happy Earthday
Nathan Melja - Karibuni Music
Alis - Papercuts
Holly Herndon - PROTO
Mana - Seven Steps Behind

looking back on the past 6 months, i can see that there’s been some good shit.


as far as books go, not really up with what’s currently hitting shelves. there could be a new Mark Manson book called Get Fucked. i don’t know.

films, i’m all about it:

Vox Lux
The Favourite
At Eternity’s Gate
The House That Jack Built
High Life
Dragged Across Concrete
Birds of Passage
An Elephant Sitting Still

to name a few. they’re all new and great, i recommend them all. hankering to catch MIFF this year. here’s my letterbox’d if you’d like to take a look.

for series, currently watching Too Old To Die Young by Nicolas Winding Refn. it’s undiluted Refn, it’s slow, it’s nonsense and it’s ok. i’m enjoying it. i’m actually kind of glad it exists, there’s not much else like it.

the whole game of thrones thing… it was ok, not the end of the world. sorry not sorry if you got that dany tattoo.

also just started watching Fleabag, it’s funny and great.

ok enough typing 4 me byebye


Picked up this one


:scream: what?!?! that Burial track is facking sick. and Bjarki is gonna make my top 10 this year!

new Robag is class but my most crushing disappointment this year by far is that Konx joint :cry:


Never thought that that track + Mystik World would ever get a release. I remember going on the old dubstepforum and people were thinking “yeah this is probably never gonna come out, ever, but it would be sick if these tracks would get a release on System”. Glad to see Cluekid’s still around even though he’s keeping a low key social media profile.

Said this before but since 2016 I’ve always been keeping track of which releases I rep throughout the year, and then I make an end-of-year list of releases or things that have really stuck with me. This year won’t be different.


wasn’t impressed by previous Konx but i really dig tracks 2, 3, 4 & 6 on this new one. cool vibes

new burial track i just can’t come at no matter how much i try, which is a shame since i was looking forward : (

and still the most banging Bjarki track, can drown in this:


but damn this one is good too :thermometer:


although his discography up to this point* have mostly been a string of identity crises leading up to (but not excluding) his masterpiece, Caramel, there’s some great work throughout. not to say Ways of Seeing doesn’t have some pretty stuff, it just carries that “slap-a-beat-on-a-half-assed-idea-and-call-it-done” vibe going for it.

*Optimo Tracks/Light In Extension = 0PN worship
*Regional Surrealism = AFX/BoC worship
*Caramel = Lone worship


re-listening to Caramel, it’s good as. :call_me_hand: i don’t think i ever gave it a chance for some reason

i don’t usually understand these “slap-a-beat-on-a-half-assed-idea-and-call-it-done” critiques. i fuck with Ableton and production is hard man. all i hear is slick music tricks and technical wizardry. the new album has a berlin/ostgut influence which is why it may seem more up front and simple on the surface but if anything Caramel seems to me to be more simply/easily produced. IMO :kissing_smiling_eyes:


quite an impressive and great movies selection here


Just went through my own mailout (and my Bandcamp purchases) to gather my thoughts and these are the releases - mainly albums, some compilations, some EPs/12"s - that have made the biggest impression on me this year. Bold is my album of the year so far.

VA - Partials Vol. 2 (Frequency Domain)
Midwife - Like Author, Like Daughter
VA - An Untitled Longing (Leftovers)
Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral - Europa Pools
Craig Leon - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon
M. Geddes Gengras - I Am The Last of That Green and Warm​-​Hued World
Department of Forever - Unseen Pictures
Spaceship - Outcrops
Uaxactun - Drawn On A Clay Vessel
polytunnel - time 2 time
Agathe Max - Rêves Perdus
Spinecakes - Brain Fossil in Exile
VA - Felt Presence (Vanity Press)
Fischerle & Persuasion - Winter Studies
​ana roxanne - ~​~​~
Leaaves - Death Metric
VA - Sensible Seelen Vol. 1
The Leaf Library - Monument One
The Leaf Library - Monument Two: Scale - Volume One
The Leaf Library - Monument Three: Floral Calyx Phase
Anastasia Kristensen - Ascetic EP
Nivhek - After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house
U​-​Udios 3: Doubler - Lines of Force
Grey Frequency - Ufology
Orphan Ann - The Practice of Surrender
Tavishi - মশ্তিষ্কের কণ্ঠশ্বর | Voices in my head
Delta Rain Dance - Trancemission / Transmission
Cæcilie Overgaard - There Is A Home
Karima F - Karima F
Gaël Segalen - Sofia Says
ASC - The Waves
D. Strange - Murmur EP
Jimmy Billingham - Worlding
Aguila - The Club On 27th West
N Chambers - Air Example
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor - Contemporary Protest Music
Cruel Diagonals - Pulse of Indignation


Best new film I’ve seen was Us and the best book from 2019 that I’ve read is Being Various: New Irish Short Stories.


just checking out ELLLL now after being reminded from your post, she’s ace!


she has another release on paralaxe this year too (the one i mentioned above is on glacial)


just purchased it, i’m so impressed lol


Our son was born in January so my first six months of the year has been all about him, but in terms of other stuff that’s caught my interest this year:

  • Raptors championship
  • Becoming Real - Mist Face (Lex)
  • Finn - Do What You Want Forever (Local Action)
  • Nonlocal Forecast - Bubble Universe! (Hausu)
  • Helm - Chemical Flowers (PAN)
  • Groupo Jejeje - Groupo Jejeje (Discos Rolas)
  • Nathan Micay - Blue Spring (LuckyMe)
  • Logos - Imperial Flood (Different Circles)
  • Sines and Rafa Maya - Mal Intento (Majia)
  • Rian Treanor - Ataxia (Planet Mu)
  • Lando - Gather Round (Hypercolour)
  • Machine Woman - Have you been to Salford Shopping Centre, Have you seen Argos? (Take Away Jazz)
  • all the Arcola stuff being made available for download
  • Lee Gamble - In a Paraventral State (hyperdub)
  • Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego)
  • NA DJ Files Volume 2
    also Ellll, upsammy, JAB, Kelly Lee Owens, Rulez


I second this :slight_smile:


Alex - Mono / Samba
Empath - Active Listening: Night on Earth LP
Il Bosco - Happy Kids (Il Bosco Not Even A Fuckin’ Edit At All Edit)
Jai Paul - Do You Love Her Now
Loods - Three Blocks
Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower
Priests - Jesus’ Son
Senor Chugger & Count Van Delicious - Dark Fruit
Tink Thomas - Vibrationz EP
Zack Fox - Jesus Is The One (I Got Depression)
Zelooperz & Earl Sweatshirt - Easter Sunday

Champagne Bubbler - Rump Funk
Loui$ - Pink Footpaths
Lowell - No Matter
V/A - Kankyo Ongaku comp


dude yes I seriously love this record