2018 End Of Year Thread


It’s great but nothing beats Scotch Heart for me.


What up! Been keeping a running list all year of my favorite releases (culled from record stores, mailers, favorite labels and artists, Discogs lists, etc.). While I don’t start writing my listicles until the all-too-crucial Boomkat artist lists that drops right before the 25th, figured it wouldn’t hurt to share what I have so far…it’s in no real order and is kinda a mess. But if you’re anything like me, that’s never stopped you before. Lists are more relative, more interchangeable than ever before, making the myth of canon seem even more pointless to me. I really liked the intro text on Fact Mag’s albums list that drew the unspoken parallel with the narrative-construction involved in making a mix as I feel that that captures what most sites are striving for (an eclectic mix that checks off the shopping list-like itemizing that shows off the breadth of one’s taste).

I personally aim for something far less romantic and more reflective of the content deluge in which we are drowning (in the best, most wonderful sense possible). Also, here’s my two lists from last year as well as one I did for the first third of 2018. Surely there is more to come before the end of the year…I reached a decent temporary stopping point, so figured it couldn’t hurt to share what I’ve dug so far. Happy hunting!

Zurkonic 2018 Favorites
Specter - Built To Last (Sound Signature 2018)
DJ Khalab - Black Noise 2084 (On The Corner 2018)
Migos - Culture II (Motown/Capital 2018)
Ersnt Thoma - Modern Tracks (Orbeatrize 2018)
Takehisa Kosugi - Catch-Wave (CBS/Sony/Superior Viaduct 1975/2018)
Playboi Carti & Lil Uzi Vert - Shoota
Eliane Radigue - Œuvres Électroniques ‎(INA-GRM 2018)
Shawty Pimp - Still Comin Real (Gyptology 1994/2018)
Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji (Sublime/Midgar 1994/2018)
Bruce - Sonder Somatic (Hessle Audio 2018)
Laurie Spiegel - Unseen Worlds/The Expanding Universe/Donnie and Laurie (Unseen Worlds 2018)
Carl Stone - Electronic Music from the 80s and 90s (Unseen Worlds 2018)
Vainquer - Reductions 1995-1997 (Scion Versions 2018)
Loscil - Submers (Kranky 2002/2018)
Various - 3AM Spares (Efficient Space 2018)
No Smoke - International Smoke Signal (1990/2018)
Smith & Mighty - Ashley Road Sessions 88-94 (Punch Drunk/Tectonic 2018)
Roger Doyle - Oizzo No (Thrust/Cacophonic 1975/2018)
Gabor Lazar - Unfold (Death of Rave 2018)
I-LP-ON - Äänet (Editions Mego 2018)
Steven Rutter (BrainFog 2018)
RP Boo - I’ll Tell You What! (Planet Mu 2018)
East Man - Red, White & Zero (Planet Mu 2018)
DJ Taye - Trippin’ (Hyperdub 2018)
АЭМ “Ритм-Каскад” - Литьё (Gost Zvuk 2018)
Mikael Chekalin - Экзальтированная Колыбельная 1979 – 1987 (Gost Zvuk 2018)
ИНФХ - Fences Of Metal (Gost Zvuk 2018)
тпсб - Sekundenschlaf (Blackest Ever Black 2018)
Charles Ditto - Basso Continuo: Cyberdelic Ambient And Nootropic Soundscapes (1987-1994) (Passat Continu 2018)
Catherine Christer Hennix - Early Keyboard Works (Blank Forms/Empty Editions 2018)
Autechre - NTS Sessions (Warp 2018)
Brainwaltzera - Epi-log EP/Bunker EP/ Bewplum (Film/Analogical Force/Furthur Electronix 2018)
Parris - Puro Rosáceae (Idle Hands 2018)
Kowton & Parris - Deep Concentration (Rudadub 2018)
Beta Librae ‎– Sanguine Bond (Incensio 2018)
Joe Coghill - Transit Valley (50% Pure 2018)
Eomac - Reconnect (Eotrax 2018)
Logan Takahashi - Crema EP (Ghostly 2018)
Stanislav Tolkachev - Every fucking thing this dude releases
Samuel Kerridge - The I Is Nothing (Downwards 2018)
Raime - Am I Using Content or Is Content Using Me?/We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning (Different Circles/RR 2018)
Overlook - All Of Them Witches/Public Image (UVB-76 2018)
Karim Maas - Old World Disorder (UVB-76 2018)
Stave - ATK (UVB-76 2018)
Various - Patine Echoes (Timedance 2018)
Laksa - The Amala Trick / In The Middle ‎(Timedance 2018)
Ploy - Ramos (Timedance 2018)
Lurka - Heat Mover/Battery (Timedance 2018)
Truska - Lucid (Jelly Bean Farm 2018)
Syz - ONRU001 (Only Ruins 2018)
Rroxymore - Thoughts Of An Introvert Part 2 (Don’t Be Afraid 2018)
Unperson - ONRU002 (Only Ruins 2018)
Q ‎– The Voice Of Q (Philly World Records/Isle Of Jura Records 1982/2018)

Yagya - Rigning (Sending Orbs/Delsin 2009/2018)
JPEGMAFIA - Veteran (Self-Released 2018)
Debit - Animus (NAAFI 2018)
Romansoff - Graded (Ploy Remix) (Solar Phenomena 2018)
Pletnev - Thrown Furniture (Ploy Remix) (SZE 2018)
Laksa - Delicates (Ilian Tape 2018)
Gaunt - Don’t Trip (THEM 2018)
Cassius Select - Essence (Accidental Jnr 2018)
Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi, Takehisa Kosugi - Distant Voices (Columbia/Aguirre 1976/2018)
Moonboots - Moments in Time (Music For Dreams 2018)
Eblen Macari - Música Para Planetarios (Seance Centre 1987/2018)
Philip Anderson - On One of These Bends (Seance Centre 2018)
Tommy Mandel - Mello Magic (Invisible City Editions 2018)
Various - Cong Burn 3 & 4 (Cong Burn 2018)
Hany Mehanna* ‎– Agaeb El Rakasat El Sabaa - The Miracles Of The Seven Dances (Sout El Hob/Radio Martiko 1975/2018)
Pablo’s Eye - Bardo For Pablo/Spring Break (STROOM :wavy_dash: 2018)
Various ‎– Pantsula! (The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-1990)
Norm Talley - I Tried To Tell Cha! (FXHE 2018)
Second Woman - Instant/Apart (Tresor 2018)
Basa Basa - Homowo (Take Your Choice/Vintage Voudou 1979/2018)
Suba - Wayang (Offen Music 1995/2018)
Toma Kami - Sharp Tool In The Shed / Land Of The Insane (Livity Sound 2018)
D Double E - Jackuum (Bluku Music 2018)
Riko Dan & Mumdance - “Hungry” (Tectonic 2018)
Octavian - “Hands”
Maxsta ft. P Money - “Keeping It Moving” (released in 2017 but oh well, it rules)
Baptisma ‎– Pes EP (Disk 2018)
Bambounou - Parametr Perkusja Ep (Disk 2018)
Marsesura / Uwalmassa / Wahono - Animisme (Disk/DIVISI62 2018)
Duckett - Emperor’s New Clothes Pt. 1 (Berceuse Heroique 2018)
Jay Glass Dubs - The Safest Dub (Berceuse Heroique 2018)
Don’t DJ - All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End (Berceuse Heroique 2018)
Steevio - WSDM 008 ‎(Wisdom Teeth 2018)
Lamont - Detached EP (81 2018)
SnP 500 - SnP 500 (Doo 2018)
Mohammad Reza Mortazvai - Focus (Padre Himalaya 2018)
Olëka - Ostentiferous (Power Vacuum 2018)
Alma Construct - Circulator (Power Vacuum 2018)
Amish Boy - Laika Test Prject (Power Vacuum 2018)
Fret - Silent Neighbour EP (L.I.E.S. 2018)
D’Arcangelo - II/D’Arcangelo/Dusted (Suction/Happy Skull/Furthur Electronix 2018)
Ryan James Ford - Ormst Kaban (Happy Skull 2018)
Shelley Parker - Red Cotton EP (Hessle Audio 2018)
Shadowax - A&B (Rassvet 2018)
Pavel Milyakov - Eastern Strike (Rassvet 2018)
Mutant Beat Dance - Mutant Beat Dance (Rush Hour 2018)
Ekman - Primus Motor (Shipwrec 2018)
Manonmars - Manonmars (Young Echo 2018)
Young Echo - Young Echo (Young Echo 2018)
Gaspard de la Montagne - Spectres (Sbire 2018)
Isolated Lines & Gotshell - Front Line (Sbire 2018)
Club Style ‎– Crazy Wild (Dance Mania 1994/2018)
Joy O & Ben Vince - Systems Align/Transition 2 (Hessle Audio 2018)
Etch - Ups & Downs (Sneaker Social Club 2018)
Rezzett - Rezzett LP (The Trilogy Tapes 2018)
J. Albert - Envy Turned Curiosity (The Trilogy Tapes 2018)
Rex Ilusivii ‎– Selected Works (Versatile 2018)
Norken - Memories EP (Neo Ouija 2018)
Miss Kitten & The Hacker - Lost Tracks Vol. 2 (Dark Entries 2018)
Piezo - Parrots (Ansia 2018)
NHK yx Koyxen ‎– Parallel Tempo EP (-ous 2018)
Carl A. Finlow - A Selection of Works Pt. 1 and 2 (For Those That Knoe 2018)
Joe Henderson Featuring Alice Coltrane ‎– The Elements (Milestone Records/Concord Music Group (1974/2018)
Various ‎– Club Meduse (Spacetalk Records 2018)
Cabaret Du Ciel - Skies in the Mirror (Ionisation Tapes/Hybride Sentimento 1992/2018)
Λένα Πλάτωνος ‎– Λεπιδόπτερα (Dark Entries 1986/2018
Kuniyuki Takahashi ‎– Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 2 (Music From Memory 2018)
Klaus Krüger ‎– Advanced Dance (Lyra/Dark Entries 1986/2018)
The Pawnshop - The Pawnshop (Four Flies 2018)
Evans Pyramid - Evans Pyramid (Culture of Soul Records 2012/2018)
Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw ‎– Synthesis (KPM/Be With Records 1974/2018)
A.Hacksaw & B. Bennett - Synthesizer & Percussion (KPM/Be With Records 1974/2018)
Various ‎– A Look Into The Evasion Disques Vaults 1970-1973 (Rocafort Records 2018)
Consequential ‎– MicroComposed 1980-86 (Discom 2018)
Bebo Baldan featuring Steve James* ‎– Vapor Frames 86/91 (Divergo/Soave 1991/2018)
Ambienti Coassiali ‎– Vol. 1 - Room 1-6 (SSS Production/Incidental (1988/2018)
Thomas Ankersmit - Homage to Dick Raaijmakers (Shelter Press 2018)
Rian Treanor - RAVEDIT/Contraposition (The Death of Rave/Arcola 2018)
DJNF - Crânio (Warp 2018)
P. Adrix - Album Desconhecido (Príncipe 2018)
DJ Lilocox - Paz & Amor (Príncipe 2018)
Kodie Shane - “Sing To Her”
WINO-D - WINO-D (Wah Wah Wino 2018)
Clouds - Heavy The Eclipse (Electric Deluxe 2018)
Facta - Dumb Hummer/All The Time (Livity Sound 2018)
Laurel Halo & Hodge - Tru / Opal / The Light Within You (Livity Sound 2018)
Via Maris - Glow Wall/CU2 / Shelleys (Livity Sound/Mistry 2018)
Forest Drive West - Apparitions (Livity Sound 2018)

Helm - Blue Scene (Parris Remix)
Helm - World In Action (Beneath Remix)
Perfume Genius - Die 4 U (Laurel Halo Remix)
Indianizer - Mazel Tov (Don’t DJ Remix)
Johnny L - Piper (Peverelist Remix)
Roberto - Chord Recall (Peverelist Remix)
LNS - Recons One (LNS 2018)
Buttechno - CAPRI (Zodiac44 2018)
Loidis - A Parade, In The Place I Sit, The Floating World (& All Its Pleasues) (Loidis 2018)
Beneath - Cloudy (Blackest Ever Black 2018)
Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon ‎– We Take It From Here (Tresor 2018)
E-Sagglia - Dedicated to Sublimity (BANK 2018)
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Chat (West Mineral Ltd. 2018)
Secret Werewolf - Yage (Steel City Records/Geej 1996/2018)
Opgang 2 - De Chirico (Steel City Records/Geej 1996/2018)
Various - Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94) (Soundway 2018)
Various - Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synt-oogie in 1980s South Africa (Soundway 2018) Sound Voyage - En Route To Thailand (Free Soul Inc. 2018)
Pascäal - No Pain (Clave House 2018)
JiFlure - Extraits (Editions Gravats 2018)
Maarten van der Vleuten Presents In-Existence - Moonwater (Apollo 1993/2018)
Wrong Water - Dozen (Muscut 2018)
Velocette - Afterimage/Belle Du Jour (Styrax
Eric Demarsen - Le Cercle Rouge OST (Decca Records France 1973/2018)
Telectu - Belzebu (Cliché Music/Holuzam 1983/2018)
Daneil Bacalov - Il Ladro Di Anime - Diario Segreto Contraffatto (Soave 2018)
Manos Tsangaris - Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night (Exaudio/Nonplace 1990/2018)
Donato Dozzy - Mindless Fullness (Eerie 2018)
H4L - Four Lights
Myler - Strange Fever
Mbuelo - Robotc People EP (Transmat 2018)
Morgan Fisher ‎– Inside Satie (Strawberry Records/Sacred Summit (1985/2018)
Lorad Group ‎– Sul Tempo (Lily Record 1988/2018)
Tiziano Popoli, Marco Dalpane ‎– Scorie (Yaki Record/Soave 1985/2018)
Sonoko ‎– Les Anges, Les Bonheurs (STROOM :wavy_dash: 2018)
Nkisi - The Dark Orchestra (Arcola 2018)
Various ‎– Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights (Numero Group 2018)
Spontaneous Overthrow - All About Money (New-Ark Records Inc./Numero Group 1984/2018)
De Fabriek - Schafttijdsamba (De Fabriek/B.F.E. Records 1982/2018)
Keysha / FG’s Romance ‎– Stop It! / What Is Love Today? (STROOM :wavy_dash: 2018)
Jason Kolàr ‎– Modified Perspectives (STROOM :wavy_dash: 2018)

Ingus Baušķenieks ‎– Spoki (STROOM :wavy_dash: 2018)
Jean Hoyoux ‎– Planètes (CRETS/Cortizona 1982/2018)
Dub Surgeon - The Lost Future (Ark to Ashes 2018)
Max Eastley / Steve Beresford / Paul Burwell / David Toop ‎– Whirled Music (Quartz Publications/Black Truffle 1980/2018)
Tessela/Lanark Artefax - Blue 01 (Whities 2018)
E-Talking/Laksa - Blue 04 (Whities 2018)
Colin Potter ‎– The Where House? (ICR/Dark Entries 1981/2018)
Colin Potter - A Gain (ICR/Joyful Noise Recordings (1982/2018)
O Yuki Conjugate ‎– Scene In Mirage (A-Mission Records/Emotional Rescue 1984/2018)
Richard Pinhas ‎– Rhizosphere (Cobra/Bureau B 1977/2018)
Ami Shivat - Neural Oscillations And Alpha Rhythms ‎(Dead-Cert Home Entertainment 2018)
Luis Perez ‎– Ipan In Xiktli Metztli, México Mágico Cósmico, En El Ombligo De La Luna (ISSSTE/Mr Bongo 1981/2018)
Suzanne Menzel ‎– Goodbyes And Beginnings (Self-Released/Frederiksberg Records 1981/2018)
Yan Tregger - Catchy (Musical Touch Sound/Counter Melody/BBE 1978/2018)
LA Synthesis - Harmonic Disassembly (Midnight Drive/Evolution 1997/2018)
Palta & Ti ‎– Palta Og Ti På Den Tolvte Ø (12th Isle 2018)
Onyx ‎– Complete Works 1981–1983 (Mind Records 2018)
Patrick Selinger ‎– Businessmen (USA Import Music/STROOM :wavy_dash: ‎1988/2018)
Jess Sah Bi & Peter One - Our Garden Needs Its Flowers (Dedjay Broadcasting System/Awesome Tapes From Africa 1985/2018)

Troupe Ecole Tudu - Oyiwane (Sahel Sounds 1985/2018)
Headie One X RV - Know Better
Jay1 - Becky
Everything that Giggs does
Everything that 67 does
Everything that Javonnte does
Jame Blake - If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead
Shackleton - Furnace of Guts (Woe to the Sceptic Heart 2018)
Jako Maron - The Electro Maloya Experiments of Jako Maron (Nyege Nyege Tapes 2018)
Bamba Pana - Poaa (Nyege Nyege Tapes 2018)
Polonio ‎– Bload Stations * Syntax Error (Discos Esplendor Geometrico/Geometrik 1987/2018)
Potter Natalia Zen - Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out (Ecstatic 2018)
Karou Inoue - Em Paz (Groovement Organic Series 2018)
DJ Raph - Sacred Groves (Noland 2018)
Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta ‎- Urban And Tribal Portraits (ReR Megacorp/Soave 1988/2018)
Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta - Water Messages On Desert Sand (Recommended Records/ReR Megacorp 1987/2018)
Riccardo Schirò ‎– Dunas (Gravity Graffiti 2018)
Steve Reich - Drumming (Superior Viaduct 1971/2018)
Sayumi Michishige - Loneliness Tokyo
Various ‎– Elsewhere MMDLXXVI (Kalahari Oyster Cult 2018)
Brassfoot - Indentured Servitude (Don’t Be Afraid 2018)
Fumiya Tanaka ‎– Beautiful Days 2010-2015 (Sundance 2018)
Dishwasher - Timenet (LFC/Frame of Mind 1992/2018)
Primitive World - White On White (Ecstatic 2018)
Unvidual - Synthetic Solitude (Kontakt Group 2018)
Yoshio Ojima - Une Collection Des Chainons II: Music For Spiral ‎(Wacoal Art Center/We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want 1988/2018)
Various ‎– Antipodean Anomalies (Left Ear Records 2018)
Vasco Martins - Universo Da Ilha (Canela En Surco 1986/2018)
Various - Quare Groove Vol. 1 (All City Records 2018)
Rick Wilhite - The Godson Vol. 4 (Mahogani Music 2018)
Aera - The Sound Path (Permanent Vacation 2018)
Larry Chernicoff - Gallery of Air (Muse/Art Records/Incidental 1983/2018)
Various - Configuration/Deployment (Light Sounds Dark 2018)
Various - Epiloque/Prologue (Light Sounds Dark 2018)
Michel Banabila ‎– VoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes (Steamin’ Soundworks 1999/2018)
Bernard Parmegiani ‎– Les Soleils De L’Île De Pâques | La Brûlure De Mille Soleils / Mémoire Magnétique, Vol 1. (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want/Transversales Disques 2018)
Ramjac Corporation - Cameroon Massif! (Irdial Discs/Emotional Rescue 1990/2018)
Prana People - Prana People (Prelude/Omaggio 1977/2018)
Sterling Harrison - One Size Fits All (Phono Records/Everland 1981/2018)
Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina ‎– Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo (Cramps Records/Superior Viaduct 1979/2018)
Warren Sampson ‎– Traveller (Big Road Music/Love All Day 1987/2018)
John Bender ‎– Pop Surgery (Record Sluts/Superior Viaduct 1983/2018)
Abby Echivierri - Ab Inition (The Bunker 2018)
The Maghreban - Eddies (Batu Remix) (R&S 2018)
Heavenly Music Corporation - In A Garden Of Eden (Silent/Astral Industries 1993/2018)
Klaus Weiss - Time Signals (Selected Sound/Trunk Records 1988/2018)
Walter Whitney ‎– Composer X (Multiphase/Orbeatrize 1983/2018)
KWC 92 - Dream of the Walled City (L.I.E.S. 2013/2018)
Convextion - R-CNVX1 (Mojuba 2018)
ERP - Afterimage (Forgotten Future 2018)
Black Lodge - MWR157 ‎(Mo’ Wax/Arcola 2002/2018)
Black Lodge - Bitter Blood (A Collection of Archival Recordings (Disciples 2018)
Conrad Praetzel ‎– Paleo Music 1987-1998 Conrad Praetzel ‎– Paleo Music 1987-1998 (Orbeatrize 2018)
Sleepy’s Theme - The Vinyl Room (Bang II Records/Be With Records 1998/2018)
Sympathy Nervous - Sympathy Nervous (Vanity/Minimal Wave 1980/2018)
Chevel - Always Yours (Different Circles 2018)
Rimarimba - The Rimarimba Collection ‎(Freedom to Spend 2018)
Akira Sakata ‎– Fisherman’s.com (Starlets Records/Trost Records 2001/2018)
Appleblim - Life in a Laser (Sneaker Social Club 2018)
Ruff Cherry - Carousel EP (Well Street Records 2018)
Zuli - Terminal (UIQ 2018)
Inoyama land - Danzindan-Pojidon (Yen Records/ExT Recordings 1983/2018)
Headie One X RV - Know Better
Luca Lozano - Boss Moves (Running Back 2018)
Leif - Bluebird/Number 13 (Tio Series 2018)
Rush Plus - The Sweat EP (E-MISSIONS 2018)
Tred - Intrinsic Fields (E-MISSIONS 2018)
Rain Text - 2 (Bastakiya Tapes 2018)
Franz Flackenhaus - Tupolev System (Giallo Disco 2017/2018)
Peverelist - Bluez (Punch Drunk 2018)
Robert Lippok - Applied Autonomy (Raster 2018)
Batu - Flash React (XL 2018)
Marcellus Pittman - Can’t Forget About You/Revenge For Nothing/Something Like {A Dream} (Unirhythm 2018)
Various - Anonymous Delusional Eros (Nous 2018)
Afrikan Sciences - Reciprocity EP (Deepblak 2018)
Exael - Collex (West Mineral Ltd. 2018)
The Ambientist - 1-6 (Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine 2017/2018)
DsorDNE - É Un Sole (Hax/Dark Entries 1990/2018)
Defence - Travelling EP (Night Vision/Musique Pour La Danse 1994/2018)
Nocow - Zemiya/Vozduh/Voda (Figure 2018
Nocow - Atoner (Rekids 2018)
Eva Geist - Desfãn (Macadam Mambo ‎2018)
Cosmic Handshakes - In The Mist (Going Good 2018)
Kinlaw - Corfe (No Corner 2018)
Simo Cell, Peter Van Hoesen ‎– Sans Titre EP 02 (Lavibe 2018)
Simo Cell - 5 Party Mix (Brothers from Different Mothers 2018)
Dem 2 ‎– From Da Vaults Volume 2 (New York Soundclash Records 2018)
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Natural Control (Private Possessions 2018)
Locked Club - Svoboda (Private Possessions 2018)
STP - The Fall Remixes (The Final Experiment 2018)
Dino J.A. Deane - For Leena (Lullabies for Insomniacs 2018)
Johnny Nash/Lindsay Todd - Fauna Mapping (Island of the Gods 2018)
Monocorpse - The Comfort of Strangers (Enfant Terrible/Gooiland Elektro 2018)
Lawrence Le Doux (Vlek 2018)
Cucina Povera - Hija (Night School/Domestic Exile 2018)
Goat - New Games/Rhythm & Sound (EM Records 2018)
Alexander Arpeggio - Streng Geheim EP (Neubau 2018)
Gil.Barte - Sssjp EP (Neubau 2018)
Kali Malone - Organ Dirges 2016-2017 (Ascetic House 2018)
Seafoam ‎– Collected Works 1999-2005 (Rue De Plaisance Re-issue 2018)
Ingleton Falls ‎– Champagne In Mozambique (Self-Released/Isle of Jura Records 1993/2018)
Xen & Yovav - Etmol Hayom (Malka Tuti 2018)
Ross 154 -Where You Go, I Will Follow (Boomkat 2018)
Heinrich Mueller - False Vacuum (WéMè Records 2018)
ST/NE - ME/WE (Laura Lies In 2018)


@zurkonic yo Zurk! we got started on the year-end wraps a little early…here’s everyone’s entries…


oh shoot, thanks for the heads up @criminiminal! am trying to delete this out of respect…is there a way?


i dunno! all good though.

but, seriously breh…Migos? lol


lolllllll. yeah, i actually LOVED that album…one of the only US rap records I really felt this year. "Open It Up’ was one of my fave songs of the year, a mournful club comedown of a jam…and ‘t-shirts’ off Culture is just an astonishing piece of mutated future funk. they’re wonderful:)


This is my list. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Things with ******s besides them are going to always remind me of 2018 and will become classics in my world. I highly suggest you check them out. Would love to hear some feedback, going to be going through other folks lists once I’m on Xmas break.

Hip Hop/Rap Albums

A$AP Rocky - Testing ******
Denzel Curry - TA13OO
Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs *****
J. Cole - KOD
Jay Rock - Redemption
Travis Scott - Astroworld *****
Vince Staples - FM!

Honorable Mention: Brockhampton - Iridescence

Pop/R&B Albums

6lack - East Atlanta Love Letter
Ariana Grande - Sweetener
The Internet - Hive Mind
Jamila Woods - HEAVN
Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
Jojra Smith - Lost & Found
Kali Uchis - Isolation *****
Noname - Room 25
Sabrina Claudio - No Rain, No Flowers
Tierra Wack - Whack World

Honorable Mention: Serprentwithfeet - soil

Electronic/Dance/Jazz Albums/EPs/Singles

Aguila - The Club On 27th West
Amnesia Scanner - Another Life
Andrea - Forse
Anthony Naples - Take Me With You
Aphex Twin - Collapse EP
Arp - Zebra
ASOK - Frontier
Asquith - The Conditioning Track *****
Asquith - Never Alone
Auntie Flo - Radio Highlife
Blawan - Wet Will Always Dry *****
Bruce - Sonder Somatic
Calibre - Break That EP
D. Dan - Covert Operation EP
David Lynch / Angelo Baldamenti - Thought Gang *****
Dean Grenier - Individuate
Deetron - Heartwalking
DJ Central - Li’ud EP
DJ Exestential Crisis - Raised By Wolves
DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose *****
DJ Kose - Knock Knock
DJ Kose - Pick Up
DJ Lag - Stampit EP
DJ Lilocox - Paz & Amor *****
DJ Nigga Fox - Noite E Dia
Dub Phizix - From The Vault
Efedmin - Wrong Movements ******
Etch - Ups & Downs LP
Eris Drew / Octo Octa - Devotion *****
Forest Drive West - Apparitions
Galcher Lustwerk - 200% Galcher *****
Gang Gang Dance - Kazaushita
Gesaffelstein - Reset
Grouper - Grid of Points
Helena Huff - Qualm
Ital Tek - Bodied
John Tejada - Live Rytm Trax
John Tejada - Dead Start Program
Jonas Kopp - 55 Dias
Joy O - 81b
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Natural Code
Kero & Kyle Hall - ZUG TOOLS
Khotin - Aloe Drink
Laurel Halo / Hodge - Tru / Opal / The Light Within You *****
Lava Dome - Rhyolite (Architect Remix)
Legowelt - Omnibus Babylon EP ******
Manni Dee - The Residue
Marcel Dettmann - Test File
Martyn - Voids
Move D - Outer Rim 64
Neinzer - Horus *****
Neneh Cherry - Broken Politics
Overmono - Whities 019
Overmono - Raft Living
Perc - Hyperlink (Tymon Remix) / Manni Dee - London Isn’t England feat. Ewa Justka (Ansome Remix)
Philip D. Kick - Pathways EP *****
Prequel - Without You
Roman Flügel - Themes
Saloli - The Deep End
Sami Baba - Free For All
Secretsundaze - Still Hope (Secretsundaze’s Poems In The Heart Floor Version)
Shinichi Atobe - Heat
Skee Mask - Compro *****
Soundbwoy Killa - Come My Selector
Space Afrika - Primrose Avenue
Strategy - Future Shock
Thomas Meinecke, Move D - Work *****
Tim Hecker - Konoyo
Various Artists - Secret Rave 04 (Art-Aud)
Wajeed - From The Dirt *****
Will Dimaggio - At Ease
Zombies In Miami - Where Is The Voice Of That Man On Acid (Jackie House Remix)

I’ll add some more sections like

Electronic/Dance/DJ Mixes and Compliations

Labels That Got My Attention

Best Sets / Live Performances

Musical Trends and Themes

when I’m not so busy… shoutout to @djcustard for reminding us how to forum! it’s about interaction y’all!


Not my list BUT I asked a bunch of people - DJs, artists, writers - for some thoughts on the year. Some lists of music, DJs, events etc. Lots of interesting stuff. Big thanks to the following:

Ash Lauryn (NTS)
Nevan Jio (Pear, All City)
Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull etc)
DJ FOMO / @olepbr (Subcity Radio)
Blusher (DDR/Patrúin)
sold & Hi-Vis (Farplane; Motherbeat, Neon Falls, Beyond / Below)
object blue (Tobago Tracks, Let’s Go Swimming)
Axmed Amiin Maxamed (Dance with Pride)
anu (NTS)
Cruel Diagonals (Drawing Room Records/Many Many Women)
Tuuun (fluf)
Tony Poland (Boiler Room)



I’m still working on my top tracks of the year, though it’s some 50 odd tracks at the moment… fav albums of the year though are;

The Prodigy - No Tourists

Also, because I’m slow I’ve only recently caught up with Eric Prydz last album which is also fantastic

  1. Yves Tumour - Safe in the Hands of Love
  2. Playboi Carti - Die Lit
  3. Bliss Signal - Bliss Signal
  4. KYO & Jeru - All The Same Dream
  5. Lilbabyangel - GADA
  6. Travis Scott - Astroworld
  7. Aisha Devi - DNA Feelings
  8. Demdike Stare - Passion
  9. Xzavier Stone - Thirst
  10. 1010 Benga SL - Two Houses
  11. Varg - Crash
  12. Swick - Court Composer
  13. Kareem Lofty - QTT10
  14. EOD - Named
  15. Jeremih & Ty Dolla - MIH-TY
  16. Dedekind Cut - Tahoe
  17. Zuli - Terminal
  18. Joji - Ballads 1
  19. Sangam & Kid Smpl - Shadow Knight
  20. Drumloop - Revenge Body


I think I can solidly say my favourite EP of the year is the SKRS International - Paradise Magic Traxx. That shit is pure genius!!!


@zurkonic …and it’s out

any surprises?


OH SHIIIIIIIIIT! Thanks @criminiminal!!! Hadn’t seen that yet:):):slight_smile:


Best mixes I saw live:

  • Benny Ill @ Pickle Factory
  • Sharda, India Jordan, Grandmixxer @ Boxed
  • India Jordan b2b someone (Yamaneko?) @ Local Action (not ambient, none of the India Jordan sets I saw were)
  • Finn, Raime (improbably heard many of my favourite garage records at this one), L U C Y, India Jordan @ Boxed x Local Action
  • Mumdance, Lee Gamble @ Different Circles
  • dis fig (who I know nothing about) @ Ø

Just by virtue of the number of consistently great sets I saw from India Jordan, she is my DJ of the year.

I’ve had a year or two out of buying a lot of music because I’ve been too broke, so for me the year was mostly spent digging into my brothers garage and old grime and dubstep records. That’s a luxury to have but I’d guess I’d be going on youtube or something if I didn’t have that luxury. If ppl are looking for specifics you can find mixes online (with track IDs) at mixcloud.com/str_apx. There’s a lot of different garage mixes, for the grime stuff look at the first 2 ‘depression’ mixes, dubstep stuff look at ‘Malevolent’, and ‘New Finds’ is a mixup of a bunch of different stuff. Getting into regularly uploading mixes despite (understandable) general indifference has been quite good - it’s kept me making the mixes and as such I think I’ve improved with the extra practice. And it’s just fun. Expecting reaction, or getting drained by lack of reaction is an easy thing to fall into but I’m trying to avoid it.


  • Pearly Whites (Warm is probably my track of the year, and it’s one of the key places for the more RnG / “cuts” style of grime - afaik from the outside)
  • Hyperdub on top form again (Nazar release is incredible and I just got round to looking up the Proc Fiskal thing which might not even be 2018)
  • Astral Black (Vai by Drae Da Skimask, Frass FM 4, the new Shy One & Kwam thing)
  • Kenyon Sound (beginning to do some rly interesting stuff, the recent JEB1 EP was great. The artwork is fantastic too)
  • Corrupt Data (putting out some good compilations, artwork that creates a world for the music)
  • Slimzos and associated labels (rly rate the Garna stuff particularly but there’s lots of good stuff here, Sidewinder Style probably being my recent favourite. I think they might paint themselves into a stylistic corner with the emphasis on “mucky” aggro sound, but for now it’s not been overdone for me)
  • Lots of bandcamp self released stuff (LSDXOXO, Sharda, L U C Y)

Non-dance stuff I liked:

  • Sleaford Mods for probably the 5th or 6th year in a row
  • The Tirzah album
  • Frontline by Kelela (it basically is dance music but it’s song-form rather than track-form so I count it as non-dance)

Trends I didn’t like:

  • Stuff getting released with no digi download (mostly no lossless, but occasionally not even mp3 release).
  • Super limited expensive releases with no digital.
  • Continued dominance of commercial streaming services (esp. Spotify) & seemingly enthusiastic buy-in of underground cultures to that model.
  • Realistic but still slightly disappointing lowering of ambition from underground scenes - e.g. lots of ppl in grime accepting that it will never “blow” even though it has made huge strides in terms of popular visibility without significant compromise, instead aiming for small but dedicated fan-base. This might be good for the ppl involved (possibly more reliable money) but loses some ability to capture non-believers and convert them to the power of underground music.
  • Artist social media being used as an arm of advertising by big companies.
  • Continued fetish of ‘exclusivity’ for products; and lone wolf, overly competitive, individualistic culture in music scenes. Lack of cooperation.
  • History repeating in terms of scene hype-cycles and not that many ppl seeming to learn from it.
  • Gentrification, high rent, unsympathetic fun-hating / convention-loving jobsworths in local government.
  • House and techno (which I like) continuing to dominate and squashing out perhaps rawer or more interesting stuff.

Trends I liked:

  • RnG-style grime being explored more thoroughly and a micro-scene emerging. Hopefully this will continue making inroads into the grime scene more broadly.
  • Lots of good stuff being self released on Bandcamp for reasonable prices or free.
  • People thinking explicitly about the impact of streaming outside of the financial effects (e.g. how it changes how ppl discover music, how it changes the relationship they have with it) and things like Resonate (which I need to actually explore properly) engaging with the extremely daunting task of trying to forge new platforms that are fair and provide a sustainable ecosystem for music culture.
  • People beginning to think about wider economic issues in dance music.
  • A few people trying to think around issues of destructive scene-hype and rapid commodification of any popular underground movement.
  • Seems to be a trend towards taking harassment in clubs more seriously.
  • Seems (from my partial perspective) to be an improving gender balance in clubs and lineups.


Trends u mentioned for both are very on point. Personally I stopped using Spotify since 2015, more so because I shifted over to finding people’s music on soundcloud and thought that was better.


My list. sorry i’ve not been more active. my work blocked this site, which sucks

  1. Young Echo - Young Echo
  2. Tape Loop Orchestra - Return To The Light
  3. Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love
  4. Tim Hecker - Konoyo
  5. Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of
  6. Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer
  7. Caterina Barbieri - Born Again in the Voltage
  8. Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano III
  9. Lawrence English & William Basinski - Selva Oscura
  10. Dubmatix & Sly & Robbie - Overdubbed
  11. Hollie Cook - Vessel of Love
  12. Jon Hopkins - Singularity
  13. Nils Frahm - All Melody
  14. Thomas Ragsdale - Self Zero
  15. John Coltrane - Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album
  16. Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson - Landfall
  17. Nicolas Godin - Au service de la France
  18. Tess Roby - Beacon
  19. Various DJs - Fabric 100: Craig Richards / Terry Francis / Keith Reilly
  20. Orchestre Lamoureux under Thomas Roussel - Ed Banger 15 Ans


Miss this one - it’s great!


gender stuff improving has been really lovely to see, and even changed the vibe of a lot of nights for the better


Rosalía! Especially her music videos with CANADA.


Reto A Ichi - The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often
dakim - regos_most
Barrio Sur - बड़ा शोक (heart break)
Magic Fades - DYSTRESSED
Dedekind Cut - Tahoe