2018 End Of Year Thread


@djcustard Huge correction to my own list, the end of year list would be incomplete without the Blawan album. That album is a rush to listen to and one of the most enjoyable listening experiences.


@Yung_Dave The PAN releases this year have been pretty great (Limerence is a big tune.) I need to have a good amount of time to sit and listen to the Objekt album (Have you heard it?) The Eartheater release I found pretty interesting, the fact that MTTM samples the fm synth notes from Robert Miles - Children is insane. I really enjoy the Amnesia Scanner track AS A.W.O.L.


@criminiminal Konoyo is a great shout as well. Again, an album I need to spend time listening to over Christmas period.


Bamba pana
RP boo at Unsound
Dj lag at unsound
Dean blunt mixtape
nyenge nyenge
bandcamp - so happy pretty much everybody is on there now – it’s a joy to use. (50% of peeps pay more than the price on there!)
homerton B
drogba - afro b
Amnesia Scanner (in and out constantly)
emo trap/drill
NON worldwide volume 1
700 bliss
ree’s vibe by griffit vigo finally coming out (haven’t waited on a tune like that since 2012)
equiknoxx again and forever
slowing down in life
NTS a new level of quality
This forum - it’s put faith back in the internet and critical discussion
Kode9 fabric
yves tumor


Haven’t heard the Objekt album yet but I’ll get to it someday. Also tbh a lot of PAN is way too avant-garde for me, and I typically don’t follow all releases from a label, especially with the release schedule PAN has lol.

Regardless, PAN is one of the labels of the year for me.Other labels that were pretty good this year too… Livity Sound had an incredible year. Innamind puts out the most top notch dubstep right now. Local Action has done great this year too. Not really much else to say but there’s always labels putting out banging releases.

I’d make another list of honorable track mentions but it would be way too long.


top 10 albums:

  1. Remember - The City Is My Friend
  2. Rival Consoles - Persona
  3. Sangam & KID SMPL - Shadow Knight
  4. Jon Hopkins - Singularity
  5. Halo Acid - Nomads
  6. w u s o - Don’t Forget Me
  7. THUGWIDOW - Moons Of Jupiter
  8. Streymoyer - Where
  9. Jock Club - School Days
  10. The Artist Is Unknown - Later Tonight

Honorable Mentions & EPs:

Facechain - Accensor
Aphex Twin - Collapse EP
Iglooghost - Clear Tamei EP (Also shout out to his gig in Edinburgh, that was awesome)
Sangam - Escapism Path, Mount To Nothing, Vitality & his collab with w u s o “Gaze” (Could only put one of his releases this year on the list. This guy’s been very prolific.
Chesumasuta - Tokyo Audio 4000
David Busch - Televasion (If you like OPN’s early stuff, check this release out)
Yoshimi - Japanese Ghosts III (i.e. the revival of PYRAMIDS)
OPN - Age Of

Hope you’ve all had a great 2018


Sweet list! Loved pretty much all of that. :slight_smile: Remind me next year when your list is up, I reckon I’ll love it, hehe.


Yeah I get what you mean with some of the PAN releases. I don’t always think it’s a bad thing to be too Avant-Garde though, just need to be in a specific mood to listen to stuff. Always fulfils though when I’m in that mood. What did you think of Serpent by Yves? It’s completely different from his most recent release but I really like that album. (I was slightly disappointed by the recent one at first, but lots of people have said it’s amazing so I think I will relisten)


Still catching up on Serpent Music as well but it’s an incredibly evocative and emotional album.

I’ve said this on twitter a month ago but tbh, if I’ve listened to Mono No Aware when it released around March last year, it would’ve been so much more life changing considering where I was in life at the time.


I’d say the Objekt album on PAN is one of the least avant-garde releases they have out. It’s quite accessible, in a good way, but still quite odd!

  • pretty much everything Hakuna Kulala released this year + Bamba Pana on their parent label
  • both Raime EPs
  • Kelman Duran
  • Zora Jones + Sinjin Hawke + everything else on Fractal Fantasy
  • minimal violence - MVX / U41A
  • Walton - Black Lotus
  • DJ NA’s dembow remix of New Freezer + all his bootlegs
  • Objekt LP
  • WEN and Last Japan for that bleepy stuff
  • AS Chaos
  • Low Jack - Les Riddims du Lieu-dit though this is completely unavailable and not made digitally so it’s only been consumed via YouTube rips
  • mumdance radio
  • Gabor Lazar so very much! And also Barker!
  • Proc Fiskal
  • Shygirl
  • Big Lean + Giggs - Hermes
  • DJ Lilocox
  • Martyn
  • Apple Music not wiping my entire library this year
  • RTKal, Fox, Shanique, Swing Ting - Jump to the Bar
  • Drogba (Joanna)
  • P.U.T.B.
  • Riko Dan + Mumdance
  • Laurel Halo + Hodge


Couple extra stuff:

  • Shackleton - Furnace of Guts !
  • finally a Mount Kimbie track I can get into again (Southgate)
  • new Guido tracks like it’s 2010 still
  • Marie Davidson So Right + La Ecstase
  • Korean/Japanese grime
  • the album art for all the Roisin Murphy singles
  • Ikonika’s Ahright Den instrumental
  • Felicia Atkinson - Coyotes


100 ALBUMS & 1 EP

01 Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman [Ninja Tune]
02 Nmesh / Telepath - ロストエデンへのパス (The Path To Lost Eden) [Dream Catalogue]
03 Abul Mogard – Above All Dreams [Ecstatic]
04 Varg - Nordic Flora Pt. 5: Crush [Posh Isolation]
05 Jim O’ Rourke - Sleep Like It’s Winter [Newhere]
06 ZULI - Terminal [UIQ]
07 Djrum - Portrait With Firewood [R&S]
08 Christoph De Babalon - If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It [Cross Fade EnterTainment] (Re-Issue)
09 Sophia Loizou – Irregular Territories [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
10 Leon Vynehall - Nothing Is Still [Ninja Tune]

• 1010 Benja SL - Two Houses [Young Turks]
• Aïsha Devi - DNA Feelings [Houndstooth]
• Alessandro Cortini & Lawrence English – Immediate Horizon [Important Records]
• Alva Noto - Unieqav [NOTON]
• Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Glass [NOTON]
• Ancient Methods - The Jericho Records [Ancient Methods]
• Anna von Hausswolff – Dead Magic [City Slang]
• Anthony Naples - Take Me With You [Good Morning Tapes]
• Anthony Rother ‎– The Making Of 3L3C7RO COMMANDO [Psi49net]
• Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa ‎– For The Mimics [Opal Tapes]
• CV & JAB — Zin Taylor – Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface [Shelter Press]
• Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha [Phantasy Sound]
• Dedekind Cut – Tahoe [Kranky]
• Deena Abdelwahed - Khonnar [InFiné]
• Demdike Stare - Passion [Modern Love]
• DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose / Prime Minister Of Doom - Mudshadow Propaganda [All Possible Worlds]
• Donato Dozzy - Filo Loves The Acid [Tresor]
• Eartheater – IRISIRI [PAN]
• Efdemin - Naïf [Curle Recordings]
• Eli Keszler – Stadium [Shelter Press]
• Félicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Limpid As The Solitudes [Shelter Press]
• Forest Drive West - Apparitions [Livity Sound]
• Forma – Semblance [Kranky]
• Gábor Lázár – Unfold [The Death of Rave]
• Gaika ‎– Basic Volume [Warp]
• GAS - Rausch [Kompakt]
• Gazelle Twin - Pastoral [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records]
• Grouper – Grid Of Points [Kranky]
• Hatis Noit – Illogical Dance [Erased Tapes]
• Head Technician - Profane Architecture [Ecstatic]
• Helena Hauff - Qualm [Ninja Tune]
• Ian William Craig – Thresholder [130701]
• Ike Yard ‎– Rejoy [Noiztank]
• Ital Tek - Bodied [Planet Mu]
• J Colleran – Gardenia [Because Music]
• James Ginzburg – Six Correlations [Subtext]
• JK Flesh - New Horizon [Electric Deluxe]
• Jóhann Jóhannsson – Mandy (OST) [Lakeshore Records]
• Kelly Moran ‎– Ultraviolet [Warp]
• Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood [Latency]
• Less Bells – Solifuge [Kranky]
• Low - Double Negative [Sub Pop]
• Mark Fell - Intra [Boomkat Editions]
• Marquis Hawkes - The Marquis of Hawkes [Houndstooth]
• Meyers – Struggle Artist [Shelter Press]
• Mumdance - Shared Meanings [Shared Meanings]
• North Sea Dialect – Local Guide [Numbers]
• Objekt - Cocoon Crush [Pan]
• Oliver Coates – Shelley’s On Zenn-la [Rvng Intl.]
• Pariah - Here From Where We Are [Houndstooth]
• Penelope Trappes - Penelope Two [Houndstooth]
• Phase Fatale ‎– Redeemer + Extended Mixes [Hospital Productions]
• Positive Centre – Forever Optimum [Horo]
• Primitive World ‎– White On White [Ecstatic]
• Proc Fiskal ‎– Insula [Hyperdub]
• Rabit - Life After Death [Halcyon Veil]
• Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ‎– Red Ants Genesis [Hospital Productions]
• Resina – Traces [130701]
• Rezzett - Rezzett [The Trilogy Tapes]
• Richard Chartier ‎– Central (For M.Vainio) [Line] 86
• Rival Consoles – Persona [Erased Tapes]
• Sarah Davachi - Let Night Come On Bells End The Day [Recital]
• Silent Servant - Shadows of Death and Desire [Hospital Productions]
• Silvia Kastel - Air Lows [Blackest Ever Black]
• Skee Mask - Compro [Illian Tape]
• Soft of Snow - Deep Wave [Houndstooth]
• SOPHIE - OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES [Transgressive Records]
• Sterile Hand ‎– Sterile Hand [Ecstatic]
• Surgeon - Luminosity Device [Dynamic Tension]
• Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji [Midgar]
• SW. : SVN ‎– SW:SVN [Apollo]
• Teresa Winter – What The Night is For [The Death of Rave]
• The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 5 [History Always Favours The Winners]
• Thomas Ankersmit – Homage To Dick Raaijmakers [Shelter Press]
• Throwing Snow - Loma [Houndstooth]
• Tim Hecker – Konoyo [Kranky]
• Tirzah - Devotion [Domino Recording Co]
• V/A - Bblisss [bblisss]
• V/A - In Death’s Dream Kingdom [Houndstooth]
• Vainqueur - Reductions 1995-1997 [Scion Versions]
• Varg - Crush [Posh Isolation]
• Various ‎– Brainfeeder X [Brainfeeder]
• Various - The Black Book [iDEAL Recordings]
• Vester Koza - loader mither [Houndstooth]
• Vladislav Delay ‎– Untitled - Circa 2014 [Vladislav Delay Self-Released]
• Yamaneko - Afterglow [Local Action]
• Young Echo – Young Echo [YE002]
• Yves De Mey - Bleak Comfort [Latency]
• Zanti – Broken Hearted City [Downwards]
• µ-Ziq - Challenge Me Foolish [Planet Mu]

01 Overmono ‎– Whities 019 [Whities]


Yeah for sure, I completely agree with that. But the others can sometimes be pretty hard going?


I really love that Overmono record. I haven’t heard the Jim O’Rourke. Whilst I understand he has deviated pretty far from Eureka! I still think that’s one of my favourite albums of all time.


Oklou - Friendless
DJ Lag - 3 Step Cullo
Kelela - Take Me Apart Remixes
Aisha Devi - DNA Feelings
Blacks Nao Maya - Calor No Frioo
Divoli S’vere - D V S V
Supreems - Close Your Eyes (And Feel)
Nabihah Iqbal - Eden
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Closer Apart
Pan Daijing/ Lanark Artefax - The Island Within/ Styx
CCFX - The Remixes
Casisdead - Pat Earrings
Space Africa - Somewhere Decent To Live
Uninamise - Rise of the Wolves (+ Most of Night Slugs Allstars Comp)
Maxo Kream - Roaches
Shygirl - Nasty
Lilocox - Paz & Amor
DEBIT — Enya X Anamnesis (feat. Zutzut)(César Ch. ‘Only Time’ Bootleg)
Sines - Broken Heart Riddim
Physically Sick Vol. 2 Compilation

and I listen to this a couple times every day:


This doc was a force as well:

Track starting at ‘20:00’ mark is:

Oh shit yeah Dinamarca - Sol De Mi Vida was sickkk!! His new mixtape is fun too.

PAN and Space Afrika shows on NTS are quality - only show I can endure the full two hours and still come out wanting more after - nostalgia free zone

Also listen to this banger every morning after I crawl out of bed and start counting all my pinkies:

Hope you all win in 2019. x



  2. Dedekind Cut - Tahoe
  3. Playboi Carti - Die Lit
  4. Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love
  5. A.A.L. (Against All Logic) - 2012-2017
  6. JPEGMAFIA - Veteran
  7. Tim Hecker - Konoyo
  8. Sheck Wes - MUDBOY
  9. Tirzah - Devotion
  10. 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief) - 무너지기 (Crumbling)
  11. Johnny Jewel - Digital Rain
  12. Shinichi Atobe - Heat
  13. Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
  14. Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts
  15. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
  16. Denzel Curry - TA13OO
  17. Skee Mask - Compro
  18. Mount Eerie - Now Only
  19. The Field - Infinite Moment
  20. Facechain - Accensor
    Hon. Autechre - NTS Sessions


  1. Jacques Greene - Fever Focus
  2. Lost Girls - Feeling
  3. Mall Grab - How the Dogs Chill, Vol. 1
  4. Nathan Micay - Whities 017
  5. Peggy Gou - Once


  1. Yves Tumor - “Noid”
  2. SOPHIE - “Faceshopping”
  3. Mitski - “Nobody”
  4. A.A.L. (Against All Logic) - “I Never Dream”
  5. Sheck Wes - “Mo Bamba”
  6. Demdike Stare - “At It Again”
  7. Tirzah - “Gladly”
  8. Jonny Greenwood - “House of Woodcock”
  9. JPEGMAFIA - “Real Nega”
  10. Earl Sweatshirt - “The Mint”
  11. Parquet Courts - “Almost Had To Start A Fight / In and Out of Patience”
  12. Playboi Carti feat. Lil Uzi Vert - “Shoota”
  13. Jacques Greene - “Someone Else”
  14. Kids See Ghosts - “Reborn”
  15. Autechre - “all end”
  16. Peggy Gou - “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)”
  17. Skee Mask - “Flyby Vfr”
  18. Zach Fox - “SQUARE UP”
  19. Sumire Uesaka - “Pop Team Epic” 「ポプテピピックOP」
  20. Beach House - “Drunk in LA”


In no particular order:

Flown - Awry
Forest Drive West - Set Free
Second Woman - Instant/Apart
Mark - Integrier Dich Du Yuppie
Chevel - In A Rush And Mercurial
The Higher - The Core
Rian Treanor - Contraposition
Barker - Debiasing
Low - Double Negative
Peverelist - IDLE050
Share - Kodiak / Translocated
Belong - October Language (reissue)
Laksa - Delicates
Shed - No Repress but Warehouse Find
Mark Templeton - Distorted Tourist
asda - three tracks
Automatisme - Transit
Uon - Uon
Young Paint - Young Paint
Konrad Wehrmeister - 5050
Mount Eerie - After (Live)
Overlook - All of Them Witches
Black Spirituals - Black Access/Black Axes
Bliss Signal - Bliss Signal
Tessela / Lanark Artefax - Blue 01
Church Andrews - CA1
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Chat
Asquith - The Conditioning Track
Bftt, Upsammy - Blue 03


@deprecate oh word, I didn’t know Mark Templeton had a new one this year! thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile: