1st time in Berlin


Going to Berlin on Thursday. Looking for any sort of recommendations in regard to music. Theres a BE:GRIME night at Panke on the friday and Proc Fiskal + dj typewriter playin so I’ll defo be going to that. Any suggestions? I rly wanna experience some hard techno / gabba while im there.

Just want to enjoy as much music as I can while I’m there. Any suggestions for bars / venues / anything at all is welcome. Staying near Mitte.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Clubs and places in Berlin

i just had my first trip out that way in March/April and am so hooked. spent 4 weeks there and barely scratched the surface. i stayed in neukolin and loved walking my neighborhood around the canals in the afternoons, populus cafe has good coffee, theres a great bakery down the same road (maybachufer) too. kabobs galore, had great ramen n angry fried korean chicken. mitte is good for food but its overrun with oblivious hipstery startuppers without edge or culture. can feel like any big city’s tech clusterfuck and be boring for that reason. but that was just my experience, and a very short one at that.

for music i dug griessmuehle, about blank, berghain, ohm, and watergate…in that order, sure there’s plenty more that can be much better, but depending on the night/crew/vibe/dj everything can change. also all the patios are open this time of year so sure its a whole new ballgame. for hard techno tresor n berghain are your spots.

my suggestion would be to go to a hostel bar and talk to folks. i stayed at sunflower and after i rented a flat i came back on nights i was going out to drink and meet english speakers and catch the vibe of what they were after and see if my plans aligned or if i wanted to check what they were after…gotta separate the freaks you wanna hang with from the freaks you dont but once you do good times will be had. if youre at sunflower say hi to joel the aussie from nor cal nick.

im curious about other folks’ experiences too since i’m def going back, maybe as soon as october.


when you leave about blank/berghain and youre gone off that pill still at 9am and have a floaty sunglassed earbud walk home stop at silo and get a toastie and a cappuchino and the world will be as one.


oh and if you dig for vinyl Hard Wax is your new church, have so much fun!


Yeh man planning on going to hard wax. Thanks for all the info the only thing putting me off berghain atm is I’ve heard its a v long queue and no guaranteed entry and as im only there for a few days I dont wanna waste any time not sure if what I heard is accurate but theres so much I wanna see. Not sure if tresor will be the same or what? I will look into the others u mentioned


your call as to how long you’re willing to wait. i was in line for berghain for 4 hours in freezing weather from 3 to 7am and it was worth every minute. if you love the music or the dance its worth it. dont show up drunk or fucked up, look the bouncer in the eye, know who’s playing that night, and answer questions without attitude. Cue respectfully and patiently and you’ll be fine. The door policy is strict to ensure people that come in will keep vibes high and hold their shit. That being said it sucks to be turned away and you’re never guaranteed entry, bouncers can be assholes and lots of variables, everyone has a bad night. follow your heart…


also it helps to be solo. i only got turned away from a door once and that’s cus i was trying to get back into a spot at 7am pupils big as flying saucers. learned my lesson - if you’re gonna leave and youre that sauced, make sure youre ready to go for good.


Yeh man. I think I will be giving it a miss this time. Can u recommend any cool bars?


honestly i hopped around so much didnt catch names, always knew what club i was headed to that night but never the bar i was at. heard good things about Club49 in Kreutzberg but never went. went to lots of cool anarcho squat run bars in Friedrichschain but never knew any of their names…i just met folks at the Sunflower Hostel Bar and went from there…


Cool man thanks for the chat


no prob, lemme kno if u find cool things cus im def goin back


My gf has found a few weird and wonderful things online that we wil be checkin. Will hit u up man


I love berlin. This is not music related but I really enjoyed it:Soviet War Memorial. The park was one of my favorite parks. Though I’m not sure whats the weather is like right now.

For the clubs, I enjoyed Renate, Watergate, and Sisyphos. Tresor was cool, but it really depends on whose playing. The venue itself is worth seeing, but I enjoyed the setup of other clubs more.

For Berghain, the recommendation I got was to go Sunday during the morning. The line is much shorter. I waited in line for two hours with a friend who got in few times, but they turned us back. We went to Sisyphos after which was really fun.

There is also this place called the Monkey Bar that is worth checking.

Enjoy it!