10 years of Nutriot


On August 24, 2008 I written my first ever album review on a then-new blog called nutriot.com. I did not have a background in writing and writing in a foreign language didn’t make it easier. What I did have though was passion for music. Back then, I was a regular on Omniverse, a forum launched by 4hero / Reinforced Records. Forums were a thing back then and for years I was part of this online community with whom I shared my passion for music. I’ve met some users, others I still call my friends up to this day. When some of my most frequented forums shut down, Beyondjazz being one of them, I felt lost for a while. I thought about doing my own website, but it tooks some months before I finally set up WordPress to start writing about music things I found online. In about 5 years, I have single-handedly written nearly 2000 articles, from short video or mixtape announcements to reviews and commentaries. This seems so long ago. I realized it has been 10 years since the blog was born, so on the occasion we started a new mixtape series called Black Quartz. The first volume was selected and mixed by my good friend The Reboot Joy Confession and is now available on Mixcloud.


When patten launched 555-5555, I signed up for old times sake, but I haven’t really been a part of this. Anyway, I thought I’d share the mix and this short story behind it with you!


I’ve put together the second volume myself. Be kind, my experience with DJ’ing is near-zero! :slight_smile: