Your Musical Origin Story

  • My dad had an art degree, and my mom was a trained pianist
  • Exposed to music and instruments from a young age, also had private lessons.
  • Was a member of a “punk band” in my highschool years playing bass
  • I heard electronic music on college radio, after being exposed to metal and punk
  • Interested in the concept of electronic sounds, which to me, offered more freedom as a musician
  • Decided that one day I would make electronic music myself
  • With a “fast” internet connection finally, I discovered IDM in the early 00s, and experimented with my first DAW on a very limited computer
  • Stayed up late at night almost every night listening to, sharing, downloading, and discussing electronic music (the internet was much different then [I was much different, too])
  • Started downloading thousands of albums until my hard drives died, and then I’d repeat the process (now my backups have backups). I have strict policy of only purchasing music, currently
  • Had my first few netlabel releases on an alias I no longer use. It had a naive sound and aesthetic, but I learned a lot
  • Started buying vinyl, CDs, (later cassettes too) and building a physical collection. Also kept a close eye on new releases, which I still do to an extent
  • Someone online (that I’m indebted to) linked me to a new album called “Deepchord Presents Echospace - The Coldest Season”
  • After that ^ started listening almost exclusively dub techno and ambient sounds. Obsessed with the idea of deep music, and the DIY internet scene revolving around it in the late 00s. Became very familiar with the origins of the sound.
  • Started releasing my own music on different labels on a new anonymous alias, and I’m still doing so after some years, and many releases later, including digital, CD, cassette, and vinyl. I make a small amount of money from it, which I then pour back into my music habit.
  • Thanks for reading :wink:


and now I’m indebted to you for passing that album along. Listening now, great stuff!