WT TV: Willie Burns has a great video interview podcast thing


Been digging into this podcast so hard these isolation weeks. Hilarious, non-serious, wandering conversations with New York City staples and international peeps too. DJ’s, record collections, label owners, club owners, everything. Can’t recommend it enough.

I’d recommend this one with Ron Morelli from LIES:

The Problem with Music Live Stream

thanks for reminding me of these! I briefly watched the one with Jordan GCZ a while back and have been meaning to return <3


That Jordan GCZ one was wild. So many good stories (mandatory military service is fucked); and he’s not afraid to do a little shit talking.


yea it’s a good one! watched the ron morelli one too it’s very good, also enjoyed dj voices and veronica vasicka episodes. started the regis one earlier. I’d imagine they will all be worth watching. willie burns has a nice easy going interview style. hope to see more episodes appearing in the future!