Who wants to have promo-files and/or trading physical releases?


Hey dear 555-5555 members, we all know that promoting music without spending shit-loads of money is a struggle. I also know that time is rare and it’s not always easy to check out all the music on the Production & Promo -thread. I blame myself too for not listening to all the music there despite posting my own release.

I wonder if it’s possible to target people better, who wants to have promo-files for their own mixes, podcasts, radio-shows, blogs etc.

So I have some questions:

  • What is your favourite way to receive promos?
  • Which format do you prefer? (mp3, flac, wav, …)
  • Which other information do you need?
  • What do you think is unnecessary?
  • And what you’re going to do with promo-files? (post your blog, podcats, mixes, …)

And to other labels: Who wants to trade physical copies of their releases?
Because often the same people doing records are actually the ones who are buying the stuff … let’s skip selling the shit and get music out into the world!


Guess I should start.

I’m interested of course in trading my 7"-record with other releases that are leftfield or funky or have some bass inside …
Looking for people who wants to push raw jam-session-based lo-fi/synth/house/breakbeat/bass/electro music and are doing blogs, podcasts, radio or just playing out this kind music.