What Was Blog House?


Yeah oizo did a decent remix of merrymaking at my house


Been listening to this stuff so much lately. God it just feels like it’s got so much of what I can’t get from modern dance music.


Listening to this mix right now, just absolutely incredible


we asked exactly the same question at FACT a few years ago. had a lot of fun writing this with Scott Wilson and April Clare Welsh.
we included the Crookers/Hollertronix angle as best we could but this is still a UK perspective i’d say. remember when geography meant something!

here’s a YouTube playlist:


decent article and list. that uk/austrailia angle was definitely part of the movement.

the blogs/internet kinda took it out the traditional, he comes the uk/euro trend from new york to la, and it just based and blew up in LA, since it wasnt very favoritably looked on by many in NYC. Of course a ton of the artists were from or based in NYC but its still interesting how many people in the last decade moved from nyc to la(or other places). NYC IMO has never really recovered at the creative kickstarter center of the states. Its still a great city but even the locals all bemoan what it has become. but it is safe so i guess good for tourists/tourism


I came across this a couple weeks ago and was embarrassed about subliminally lifting the wording without linking the article. I remember reading this when it came out and the title must have stuck. Such a great dive into the scene, and the title remains a valid question to this day!